Bhushan Kumar’s production house has filed a complaint against unknown fraudsters, which is motivating them to cheat the actors! | Hindi movie news


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Bhushan Kumar recently came to know of people cheating him and his company to lure aspiring actors, cheating them as well as asking for money.

Now, we have come to know that the music producer and his label have filed a criminal complaint against unknown persons in Amboli police station for fraud under Section 415, 416, 417, 419, 420 of IPC for cheating under Section 468 of fraud. Is recorded. IPC, infringement under Section 63 of the Indian Copyright Act and the name, reputation, character, brand image of Mr. Bhushan Kumar and T-Series members in the industry and members of the general public as well as the Information Technology Act, 2000 for various insults, But identity theft is not limited to U / S 4 C, the person is cheated by U / S 4 D etc.

A spokesperson for the music label stated, “The intent of such unknown persons is clearly to illegally ride on the name and reputation of Shree Bhushan Kumar and / or T-series and in doing so they do not just take undue advantage of gullibility Actor / performer, but tarnishing the reputation of Mr. Bhushan Kumar, our Managing Director in T-Series and Industry.

Reportedly, the production company came to know that a fraudster is asking the actor to audition for ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’. He also demanded money from the actors.

Also, there was another incident where a person impersonating Bhushan engages with the models to put them in a music video.

That is not the end! One person offered the project to hair and makeup artists for a music video shoot in Goa.

A case has been registered against all these unknown persons.



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