Do you know what bing fubbing is? Here’s how it can hurt your relationship with your loved ones


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For 17-year-old Sneha Aggarwal, her phone is her world. There is no moment when the teenager is not seen without the latest smartphone, which his father gifted him a few months ago on his seventeenth birthday. It did not take weeks for him to give up his old habits of reading books or playing with his siblings. It did not take long for his mother to notice this new-found love and the two soon got into a feud. Her mother stopped the teenager from using her phone while she was eating or with family. Known for her calm nature, Sneha soon began to reply rudely to her mother and called him ‘Nag’. Her parents had only two options – either confiscate the gadget or tolerate her daughter’s behavior.

If Sneha’s behavior reminds you of someone you know, then you are not wrong. This is a growing concern for many people. The thing Sneha is involved in is called ‘phubbing’. The word ‘eau fubbing’ is a portmanteau, formed from a combination of two words phone and snubbing. Once we break down the words of the parents, ‘phubbing’ is quite self-explanatory – it’s the act of sticking to your phone without having any idea of ​​who is around you in the real world. This has become a cause of concern for many people worldwide.

“Yes, it is very disturbing to see people’s dependence on their smartphones. Such behavior can lead to drug addiction and even social isolation from friends and family members. What is referred to as ‘phubbing’ As described, it is not only harmful to those who are involved in it. But it can also create a second party, which is whipping, ignoring. Nowadays, many parents are experts for their children. Seek help from those who are constantly busy with their phones. Even married couples are not immune to it, “said Sveta Singh. Senior Consultant Psychologist.

How to stop fubbing

The first step towards breaking this habit is to accept that there is a problem. And once you know where and how you are misusing your phone, it becomes easy to stop the activity. One of the things that people should practice is to set limits and know when and where not to use the phone. One such restricted area may be on the dining room or dining table while you are dining. When spending time with your family, be sure to keep your phone turned off or in silence.

If you’re worried about a loved one sticking out of his or her phone, make a point to politely explain it to them instead of making it an issue. If you want them not to use their phones while having meals or during family time, you can set an example by doing so. If necessary, do not be shy to seek the help of experts or consultants to solve this problem.



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