In the latest video, Kangana Ranaut accuses the film mafia of asking why blind items are not written on po nepo children. Hindi movie news


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Suicide Singh Rajput did not commit suicide a few days after claiming his death, but a murder, Kangana Ranaut has released another video, this time she is going out against the ‘movie mafia’. With a determination to get to the bottom of this unfortunate story, the 2.31-minute video features subjects ranging from Sushant’s death to suicide, calling blind items, accusing journalists, movie mafia and “nepo-” Touched on To children. ”

Sharing her thoughts on Sushant’s tragic demise, the actress quoted Ath Kedarnath director Abhishek Kapoor as saying that what happened to the actor was “a systematic disintegration of a fragile mind”.

She went to pick up some blind items which she alleged were about the actor. Invoking the practice, she claimed that some journalists were involved in journalism “who are the pets of the movie mafia”, which she described as “mental, emotional, psychological lynching”.

Recalling a long time ago during the promotion of her film Hai Mantle Hai Kya, when she verbally joined a journalist, she claimed that four senior journalists were sure to shut down her film. Have become.”

“I have never written about me, but when I am ill-written about a freedom fighter, I confronted that journalist. And overnight four senior journalists committed a crime against me and declared that my film should be banned, flopped, ”he claimed.

He said, “3000 journalists gang-raped a girl and the society says nothing, the law says nothing.” I tried to file a case against them but they disappeared after a month, my film was released and they disappeared. ”

Drawing references to blind objects once again, he said, “When you read this, have you ever wondered why this Napo is not written about children?”

Sharing the video, she shared her thoughts in the caption, stating, “The emotional, psychological and mental lynchings are openly on a person and we are all guilty of watching it quietly. Is the system adequately Blaming? Will there ever be a change? Are we going to see a monumental change in the narrative of how outsiders are treated? ”

Watch her video below:



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