10 months, Kota’s coaching business to reopen

10 months, Kota’s coaching business to reopen

Kota: The Rajasthan government is preparing to restart the coaching industry here on January 18 to reopen schools and other educational institutions that have been closed for nearly 10 months due to coronovirus outbreak.

Home to at least 10 big coaching veterans and 50 other institutions, the city has around 25,000 paying guest (PG) facilities and 3,000 hostels that cater to around 1.50 lakh students from across the country every year.

The institute trains students preparing for competitive entrance examinations of medical and engineering colleges.

The coaching business in Kota has an annual turnover of Rs 3,000 crore and employs at least 5 lakh people according to the industry.

The Kota district administration has formed 11 teams, including health and police officers, to ensure compliance with the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for COVIDs in coaching institutes.

Kota Collector Ujjwala Rathore said on Friday that coaching institutes and schools are fully ready to resume classes and have been following the coronovirus protocol since 18 January.

He said that the team would visit every coaching institutes to ensure adherence to the guidelines.

According to the SOP, the number of students in a teaching session has been limited to 50 percent of the total strength. Students will be tested for body temperature before being allowed to attend class.

Classes have to be cleaned after every learning session and be sure to wear masks.

Only one student will be allowed to stay in a hostel room and a separate isolation space will be reserved for suspected coronavirus patients in each hostel and paying guest (PG) facility.

Naveen Maheshwari, director of the Allen Career Institute, said he has built a 31-bed hospital for students where all primary health care services are available.

Maheshwari said that an ultraviolet (UV) lighting system has been installed for the cleanliness of the classrooms. He said that UV lights equipped with sensors have been fixed in classrooms.

As soon as students leave class, the UV light automatically turns on for hygiene.

Meanwhile, there is a cleanliness drive going on in the hostel explaining the government guideline to the caretakers and managers, an official of an organization representing the hostel.

Sahil Dogra, a Class 12 student who came to Kota from Mumbai, said he was happy to be here as it was difficult to concentrate on studies during online classes.

“Back in Kota, I have resumed the flow of my studies and learned to schedule every task,” said Aditi Sharma, who comes from Amritsar in Punjab and wants to become a scientist.

Expressing gratitude to the government for allowing the reopening of coaching institutes, Ayush Goyal of the trusted institute said that they are committed to following the government guidelines.

Director of Motion Education Nitin Vijay said that they are gearing up to reopen the classrooms and have ensured adherence to the guidelines.

He claimed that his phone is busy interrogating him to resume classes.

After the enforcement of the coronavirus lockdown in March 2020, around 50,000 students from some parts of the country were sent back home via special buses and trains.


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