145 Shramasik Special trains planned for Maharashtra, the state gave information of only 41 trains: Railways | India news

145 Shramasik Special trains planned for Maharashtra, the state gave information of only 41 trains: Railways | India news

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NEW DELHI: As it was quarrel Government of Maharashtra And the railway refused to die, the national transporter alleged on Tuesday that it did not result in information about passengers Many labor special trains Could not be operational.
Railways said that it had planned 125 trains to evacuate migrants from Maharashtra on 25 May, but the state government was only able to provide information about 41 trains till 2 pm.
“Out of these 41 trains, only 39 trains could run as passengers could not be brought by the local authorities and these two trains had to be canceled.
A statement issued by the railway said, “After careful planning and sustained effort, the Railways mobilized its resources in a very short time and prepared 145 labor trains to depart from Maharashtra on 26 May”.
“By 12 noon, there were plans to run 25 trains from Maharashtra, but there could be no departure due to shortage of passengers. Boarding of the first train could start only at 12.30 pm at CSMT,” it said. .
According to the railway, there were plans to depart 68 trains Uttar Pradesh, Bihar 27, 41 West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and Kerala And Odisha and Tamil Nadu two each.
For the last two days, political clashes had started between the Union Railway Minister regarding special trains. Piyush Goyal And the Maharashtra government along with the state alleged that they were not provided adequate trains.
“We are ready to provide 125 laborers special trains to Maharashtra,” Goyal said on Sunday night.
“Since you have said that you have a list ready, I am requesting you to kindly provide all such information such as where the train will run from, the list of passengers according to the trains, their medical certificate and the train Where to go, to the General Manager of Central Railway within the next hour so that we can plan the timing of trains, ”he tweeted.
Commenting on this, Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut tweeted on Monday, “The Maharashtra government has given you a list of workers who are to return home. The only request is that the train reach the station, as previously announced. Went.”
The Shiv Sena Rajya Sabha member further said, “The train going to Gorakhpur had reached Odisha.”
He also asked Goyal whether the Railway Ministry had made any such list while running Nagpur-Udhampur migrant train on 14 May.


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