3M develops technology to hold trains, cool buses during summers

3M develops technology to hold trains, cool buses during summers

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3M India has developed a solar reflective coating to reduce heat inside train coaches, buses, trucks and other transports. Dubbed as M 3M Scotchcoat Polytech Exp RG700 ‘, this coating can be applied to metal and non-metallic surfaces.

The company claims that its coating has reduced the temperature in train coaches by up to 15%. “This coating was also applied to the roof of the air-conditioned compartments to increase the energy efficiency of the air conditioners, reducing its HVAC cost by 20%,” the company said in a statement.

This coating is claimed to be applied in more than 100 rail coaches. “It is estimated that if more than 15,000 rail coaches are implemented in India’s large rail network, this solution could save 162 thousand megawatts of electricity, reducing the amount of CO2 released by about 132 thousand tons per year. Converts. It could potentially save about $ 15 million per year in energy costs or reduce it by 17%, “it said.

“We are very satisfied with the solution that has affected the heat loss of Indian Railways coaches.” Our teams are now ramping up production as this solution finds prevalent application in the HVAC industry. We are also exploring the application of this solution in other countries like Singapore, Germany and China, ”Dr. Mukesh Madhup, Manager- Technical, Product Development, Electrical Market Division 3M India.


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