6 amazing ways to use deodorant

6 amazing ways to use deodorant

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Deodorant is one of the most essential skincare products for summer. This underarm helps to deal with sweat, kill bad odors and keep you fresh for hours! But, do you know that deodorant has many alternative uses and can also be used on other parts of the body? Yes, this humble beauty product can be used in very surprising ways. Read on to learn six different ways that you can use deodorant.

Keep your wardrobe fresh: If there is a smell of funky in your wardrobe. You can place a deodorant in the corner to beat the bad smell.

Sweating under the breast: As the weather warms, under-boob sweating becomes a major issue. You can prevent this by applying some product under the breasts.

Behind your knees: If you hate sweating behind the knees during a workout, you can use the spray here to beat this sweat issue!

Stop rescue: Avoid those nasty inner thigh rashes by swiping the deodorant on the inner thighs. This will help avoid any skin irritation and will also keep you dry there!

Sooth razor burns:
If you have an inflamed razor burn, you can use a deodorant to soothe the burn.

Remove Nail Polish: For beauty emergencies, you can spray a little deodorant (aerosol) on your nails to remove polish. It may take more than one test, but if you do not keep a polish remover at home, you can be a savior.


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