01/ 1 18 vastu tips for planning a newborn’s room


Starting a new life in this world has always been a very special moment for every couple. Being a parent is both welcoming and challenging and in today’s time and age most couples start making plans about their child’s health, happiness, education and future.Read more

02/ 1 1Vastu expert Dr. Raviraj Ahirarao shares some vastu tips


We all know how important the initial few years are for any child. It helps in their overall development and forms a foundation for the mental and physical growth of the child for years to come. In addition to taking all the necessary steps advised by pediatricians, parents can take the help of our age-old Indic science of Vastu Shastra to create an environment full of positive energy that goes a long way in helping a child grow. can do. Vastu Specialist Dr. Raviraj Ahirarao, shares some Vastu tips that parents can keep in mind while designing their new birth room.Read more

03/ 1 1Sun rays are important


The most important aspect of a child’s room is the fact that he should receive enough sunlight, especially the morning sun rays. In addition to introducing lots of positive energy, the morning sun rays kill most germs in the baby’s room.Read more

04/ 1 1Sleeping system


Sleeping arrangements for infants should be strictly in the northeast region. The north, north-east and east areas are ideal for an infant’s bedroom.Read more

05/ 1 1to nurse


The cradle should be 2 to 3 feet from the wall and should be placed just southwest of the room.
At bedtime, the child’s head should be towards the south or west direction.Read more

06/ 1 1Peaceful sleep is important


At bedtime, the child’s head should be towards the south or west direction.Read more

07/ 1 1Maintaining balance


The proper balance in the northwest area of ​​the house which is associated with the air element helps prevent respiratory problems in infants.Read more

08/ 1 1Rock salt spell


Keeping raw or rock salt in the baby’s room helps to absorb negative energies. However, this salt must be changed very often.Read more

09/ 1 1Pay attention to colors


Dark and heavy colors should be avoided and special attention should be given to the child’s room having a soft, light and vibrant color. Even toys that children play should have light and vibrant colors.Read more

10/ 1 1Mental development is important


Pictures or pictures depicting scenes of peace, spirituality and inspiration should be placed in the child’s room. This will help them to develop their mind accordingly. Sunflower painting specifically activates the pituitary gland which helps in mental development.Read more

1 1/ 1 1Paternal heat


Through Vastushastra, parents can provide an additional support in the overall development of their children. This can only be provided when the harmony and coordination between parents is at its best. Children are especially highly sensitive and susceptible to infant energy, so having a positive environment and surrounding environment is very important.Read more