A fresh Dominique Thiem for the world of tennis – tennis

A fresh Dominique Thiem for the world of tennis – tennis

It is very unbelievable that in a virus-curtan tennis calendar — it closed a lot of tournaments, including a grand slam at Wimbledon — Dominic Thiem called for time, space and whistleblowing to demand reform of the Big Four club Found. It is also unbelievable that he did so despite winning the much larger finals (Australian Open in January and the ATP Tour Finals in London on Sunday), while he won the US Open in September.

But look at this prism from Thiam’s line-of-vision and it becomes clear how, in 2020, he took a step that many had promised, but no one had pulled for a long time, The best-known was a potentially great rest. With Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer still relevant in Melbourne at the start of the year, Thiem made his first slam final outside Paris, defeating Nadal on the way and losing to Djokovic in only five draining sets.

She then forced her way into the US Open on the second Sunday, a surface so unsuitable for her slow-hitting skills that at a tune-up event in New York, she lost in the first round to a man who would win. The title of ATP remains in Philippe Krajinovic. Nevertheless, he was in the middle of an empty Arthur Ash Stadium three weeks later, winning his first slam final in four attempts.

And Thiem would have made a better case for himself than being eliminated from the quarter-finals at the French Open — a tournament where he had advanced to first place by reaching the finals in the last two years — it was not held in a foreign Month, immediately on the back of his flamboyant US Open campaign.

“It has been an outstanding year,” Thiem said after losing in the final of the tennis season to Daniel Medvedev on Sunday, the second consecutive year he has fallen short of the ATP Tour Finals trophy. “I have reached one of my big lifetime goals with winning that Grand Slam. So even though it is a difficult year, it will always hold a special place in my heart, hundred percent. ”


The tennis landscape has been filled with false hope over the years, and the winners of the last four ATP Tour Finals symbolize that confusion. Grigor Dimitrov, champion in 2017, is yet to make a Grand Slam final, much like the 2019 winner in Stephanos Tsitipas. While the year-end winners of 2018 and 2020, Alexander Zverev and Medvedev, have reached one each. On the other hand, Thiem has made four (similar to Stan Wawrinka) on three different surfaces.

When the Austrians made their first French Open semi-finals in 2016, their decisive features were the one-handed backhand in their hand and the ability to pound the ball harder than it ever had on the circuit. Today, his game is identified not only as a future star, but in matches that a lesser player would consider a lost cause. Especially in a lost cause.

Before Thiom, no player made a fist of the Australian Open final after winning Djokovic’s first set. Remember the 2019 edition when the Serbs quickly wrapped up the first set against Nadal and went on to give it to everyone on one point in the second? In fact, before 2020, Djokovic lost a set in Melbourne’s final after winning the first set. By the time Thiem came back to win sets two and three this year and ended up pulling and harassing Djokovic for four hours.

When he fought back from two sets and broke against Zverev, this new turn was never considered a defeat. The German then finished fifth in his racket to win the championship at 5-3, but Thiem simply refused to roll over and limited his path to a miraculous change, the first of its kind in 71 years in New York. .

“I hope everyone in my family, especially my grandparents, made it well through the match. It certainly couldn’t have been easier for them, so I hope they are all well , “He said and laughed at the Flushing Meadows Trophy event. His grandparents’ goodness may have been on his mind last week as well, as he went 0-4 against Djokovic in the semi-final final.

“I thought that after my first big title in New York, I’m probably going to be a little more quiet on the court,” he said after finishing his second straight final at the end of the London year. “But I think that was a mistake. I was as nervous as before. ”

These nerves, however, are a good thing; A telltale sign that a player is more hungry than what he has already achieved.

He sided with Thiem to become the first man in his Twenties to win a Grand Slam after Andy Murray in 2016, and the youngest after Juan Martin del Potro in 2009. In 2021, Federer, Nadal and Djokovic turned 40, their nearest rivals. , 35 and 37 respectively. Thiem, who turned only 28 while defending his US Open title, is the youngest among his new equals.


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