Abhinav Mukund, Dodda Ganesh open on ‘racial veneer’ at the cricket ground. Cricket news

Abhinav Mukund, Dodda Ganesh open on ‘racial veneer’ at the cricket ground. Cricket news

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NEW DELHI: India’s batsman Abhinav Mukund And former fast bowler Dodda Ganesh Opened to face racial jibes Cricket Farm. Both shared their story on social media Floyd GeorgeDeath is the cause of widespread outrage in the United States.
Ganesh shared the revelations of Mukund on his Twitter handle, which was later posted in 2017. Ganesh said that he himself was subject to such taunts during his playing days, but he could not care less.
“This story by @ Mukundabhinav reminds me of the racial jibes I went through in my playing days. Only one Indian legend was witness to this. It only made me stronger and Ind & ovr for Karnataka to play for 100 points. Did not stop. ”, Ganesh tweeted.

Abhinav Mukund’s entire statement from August 9, 2017 reads: “I have been traveling a lot within and outside our country since the age of 15. Ever since I was little, people’s obsession with my skin color has always been my There has been a mystery. Thus cricket will make clear sense. I have played and trained in the sunshine and day in and day out, and not once have I regretted the fact that I have banned or lost one or two shades. Gave. It’s only because I love what I do and me. Being able to accomplish just a few things I’ve spent hours outside. I come from Chennai, probably the hottest places in our country I have spent most of my adult life on the cricket field.
“I have laughed and put it off because I had big goals! Impressed youth, I became desperate because it was never something that would pull me down. There were times when I didn’t accept these insults with reactions. Decided to do. With Uday. Social media, it has gone to a magnitude that I see people abusing left, right and center over something that I have no control over. Fair only Not a cute or handsome man. Be truthful, focused, be comfortable with yourself. Skin of yourself. ”
Floyd’s death has led to nationwide protests in the US. Floyd, at the age of 46, died shortly after Derek Chauvin, last week, after a police officer grabbed him with one knee on his neck, though he repeatedly pleaded, “I can’t breathe.” Can, “and” Please, I can’t breathe “.
Sports superstars have shown support on social media in protest against the ‘blackout’ – uploading a black image with a message of support.


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