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According to the chargesheet, Tahir Hussain’s call location misrepresented IB’s intention to kill Delhi News

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Suspended AAP Councilor Tahir Hussain

NEW DELHI: Call location of suspended AAP councilor Tahir hussain near JAMA Masjid, Munga Nagar, In north-east Delhi Where on Intelligence Bureau officials Ankit Sharma was brutally murdered by rioters on 25 February, “spoke of his evil intentions, which ended with the murder of a Hindu boy, among other cases of arson and robbery,” Delhi Police said here on Wednesday Chargesheet filed in a court.
It was said that Sharma was allegedly dragged, stabbed multiple times and then thrown into a rivulet by rioters, the police said in his charge sheet that Hussain’s name was alleged to be one of the alleged conspirators in the communal violence in North East Delhi in February. Is one of
Autopsy report, police said Sharma reported 51 serious injuries to his body.
The charge sheet further states that “Tahir Hussain, on the night of 24–25 February, had removed his family and shifted them to his ancestral home in Mustafabad, but he remained there so that he could keep an eye on the whole situation.” Could. And the next day stand with the Muslims against the Hindus. ”
“The accused Tahir Hussain was leading the mob from the mosque and from his house near Chand Bagh Pulia on 24 and 25 February and gave it a communal color. He instigated the Muslims against the Hindus and instigated that the Hindus had killed many Muslims And set their shops on Sherpur Chowk set on fire and did not allow any Hindu to be freed. On their instigation / incitement, the Muslims created violent and uproar on 24 and 25 February and started burning shops and Hindus and people Throwing stones and petrol bombs at them, also targeted their homes.
“The unruly mob turned into rioters and got caught in the process of rioting Ankit Sharma And dragged him to Chand Bagh Pauli and caused his death by injuring him using sharp-edged objects and throwing his dead body into a sewer (sewage).
“Shops and some houses adjacent to Tahir Hussain’s house were burnt down. Tahir’s house was not harmed by rioters and no member of his family was hurt. By the circumstances, it seemed That the accused were persons / troublemakers. The charge sheet states that Tahir Hussain and Tahir were present at their home along with the rioters and that they deliberately made PCR calls to protect their skin from legal complications.
A 50-page charge sheet filed before Metropolitan Magistrate Richa Parihar states that one of the accused Salman was allegedly involved in Sharma’s murder.
“One of the accused in the murder of Ankit was Haseen alias Salman. He is the person who attacked him with a knife. During interrogation, he revealed that he had heard about the murder of a 4-year-old Muslim boy by a Hindu. . ” Police said that he got angry and came to Chand Bagh Pulia on February 25 along with his colleagues Sameer, Qasim, Sabir and others carrying a knife.
The charge sheet states that “Salman further revealed that he had stabbed Ankit Sharma with a knife. He was also stabbed by his companions with a knife and hit him with a stick and threw his body into the drain after killing him. .. ”
During the investigation, a man wearing a red shirt is seen in video footage along with 2 other persons and they are throwing Ankit Sharma’s body in a drain near Chand Bagh Pulia.
“However, the faces of the persons who threw Ankit Sharma’s body into the drain are not visible and visible, who was caught by a Neeraj Kasana about 300 meters from Chand Bagh Pulia.
“It is important to mention here that a red colored shirt was recovered from the accused Hasin, which he wore at the time of the incident. Further, accused Hasin revealed that he threw it along with his accomplices and others. The body of Ankit Sharma in the drain after the murder.
“All these circumstances show that accused Hasin alias Salman is the same person who is seen in the footage while dumping the body of Ankit Sharma in a red shirt near Chand Bagh Pulia, Main Karawal Nagar Road, Delhi . ” “The final report said.
During the police custody remand, the weapon of crime, ie, a blood stained knife and blood stained clothes of the accused worn at the time of the incident were recovered from his house.
He said that the recovered knives and clothes of the accused have been sent to FSL, Rohini to compare the blood of the deceased and reports are awaiting.
The chargesheet names ten people – Hussain, Anas, Feroze, Javed, Gulfam, Shoaib Alam, Salman, Nazim, Qasim, Sameer Khan for Sharma’s murder.
Two of the accused persons – Sabir and Musa – are currently absconding.


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