Adani Group blows up ڈالر 4 billion plan to use Australian coal to make plastics in India

The owners of the controversial Carmichael mine in Queensland want to build a ارب 4 billion plant in India that will use Australian coal to make plastic.

Adani Enterprises, which owns Carmichael Coal, told Indian officials that the plant would use 3.1 million tonnes of coal a year to make PVC.

Critics say the “toxic” project is an attempt to find a second life for thermal coal as the world moves away from fossil fuels.

The company is seeking environmental clearance for the construction of a large-scale “coal to PVC” plant that will cover an area of ​​about 3 sq km in Mandra, Gujarat.

Adani, which has renamed the Browse Mining and Resources in Australia, has begun work on building its own carmichael thermal coal in the Galilee Basin in Queensland. The split mine has been one of the most controversial resource projects in Australian history.

I depositAdani Enterprises says the “coal-to-PVC project” will cost US 4 4 billion ($ 5.2bn) and will use 3.1 million tonnes of coal “mainly from Australia, Russia and other countries”.

The plant will use a highly complex process to produce 2 million tons of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) a year.

Proponents of Adani’s Queensland Coal worth say the exported coal will be used to generate electricity in power plants and help lift people out of energy poverty in developing countries such as India and Bangladesh. ۔

So far, there has never been any suggestion that coal extracted from the Galilee Basin will be used for anything other than power generation.

The Guardian asked Bruce about the proposal and if the coal for the project would come from the Carmichael mine.

In a statement, Brahos said: “India will be the main consumer of the Carmel project and is the fourth largest consumer of electricity in the world and at the same time the source of the largest growth in global energy demand.

“We have an annual coal market of 10 million tonnes,” he said.

“Coal will be sold at index prices and we will not be involved in ways to increase transfer prices, which means all our taxes and royalties will be paid here in Australia.”

Pablo Brett, a market force campaigner who is pushing investors to withdraw money from the Carmelite project, said: “The argument that Carmel is going to help the poor was never true before.

“Renewable energy is cheap and if you want to ensure cheap electricity, you will better use renewable sources instead of imported coal.

“Adani is creating new uses for thermal coal instead of shifting out of thermal coal. It is important for Adani Group investors to know this.

“This is a company that is not ending its use of thermal coal, but is trying to find new ways to use the resources and avoid turning caramel into a stranded asset.”

In their presentation, Adani Businesses said that the coal would go through several stages of processing, including calcium carbide and then acetylene, which would eventually be used to make PVC.

Adani said India’s demand for PVC is increasing supply and is dependent on imports.

Simon Nichols, an energy finance analyst at the Probability Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, said some projects have been proposed in China and Pakistan to explore alternative uses of coal for diesel and coal. From fertilizers

But he said that this cheap domestic coal is used, coal was not imported, and they are given government subsidy.

Using domestic coal is very expensive. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

Environmental campaign group Somoffs has launched a petition to put pressure on Adani’s financiers. Quit the group from coal to plastic Project

The group has claimed that plastic emissions from coal have increased, and that the projects have been described as toxic.


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