Adityanath government allows Durga Puja under strict Kovid-19 protocol – India News

Adityanath government allows Durga Puja under strict Kovid-19 protocol – India News

Durga Puja organizers in the capital of Uttar Pradesh breathed a sigh of relief as the state government finally allowed Durga Puja with idols even in parks and other places that strictly follow the guidelines of Kovid-19.

The Uttar Pradesh government on Thursday announced ‘re-open’ guidelines, paving the way for the public celebration of Durga Puja, Ramlila, which included major political activities including seven seats for the UP Assembly by-election or big wedding ceremonies. .

“We are happy with the decision of the state government to allow Durga Puja. The uncertainty is finally over. Bengali Club President Arun Banerjee said, “We will go for the smaller size idols and follow all the guidelines.”

“We are the oldest organization in the city celebrating Durga Puja for more than 100 years. It was difficult to close a century-old tradition. This Durga Puja prays to God to kill the demon virus that has killed many people in the country.

Chairman of the Ravindra Palli Puja Committee, Mihir Banerjee said, “It is a welcome decision. This is our 37th year. We are going for kalash puja or small size Durga idols. There will be no distribution of ‘Bhoga’ (Prasad) and will conduct ‘Pushpanjali’ in small batches. ”

Tirtha Sengupta of RDSO Durga Puja Committee said, ‘We are happy with the decision. A meeting has been called on Friday evening to discuss arrangements. We will place orders for small size statues. ”

The president of the Bandhu Mahal, one Manoj Bhadra, said, “Along with celebrating Durga Puja, we have to pay attention to the health of the devotees visiting the pandals.”

“We have decided to strictly follow the Kovid-19 guidelines in our puja pandal,” he said. Bhadra said, “Although we are getting very little time for the preparation of the puja, our members will work to make it a grand event with substandard programs.”

He said, “We have ordered for a small Durga Protea and our ‘Purohit’ and ‘Dhaki’. Our participation is confirmed.”

Ramakrishna Math, which has been conducting ‘Durga Puja’ for almost 40 years, is carrying on with the ritual. Swami Muktinathan, president of Mathematics, said, “We will follow all Kovid guidelines, including social distinction and limited gathering.”


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