Afghanistan withdraws ambassador, diplomatic staff

Afghanistan withdraws ambassador, diplomatic staff

Afghanistan said late Sunday that President Ashraf Ghani had instructed the country’s foreign ministry to withdraw its diplomatic staff from Pakistan until those involved in the abduction of the Afghan ambassador to Islamabad They are not arrested and are not tried.

“After the abduction of the daughter of the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan, the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan recalled the Afghan ambassador and other senior diplomats from Islamabad to Kabul until all security threats were removed,” the Afghan Foreign Ministry said. ۔ ” A statement calling for the arrest of the kidnappers and legal action against them

Ambassador Najibullah Alikhail says his daughter was briefly abducted from Islamabad on Friday and severely beaten.

“The abduction of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter and the ensuing violence have damaged the psyche of our nation. We have been subjected to national psychological torture,” Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh said on Twitter.

The Afghan Foreign Ministry added that an Afghan delegation would visit Pakistan to review the situation, after which “further steps would be taken”.

Pakistan called the decision to recall its ambassador to Afghanistan and senior diplomats from Pakistan “unfortunate and regrettable”. The Foreign Office spokesman said that reports of abduction and attack on the ambassador’s daughter in Islamabad were being carried out at the highest level on the instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan and were being followed. “Security has been tightened for the ambassador, his family and the staff of the Afghan consulate in Pakistan,” he added.

The spokesman said that the Foreign Secretary met with the Ambassador of Afghanistan on Sunday, highlighted all the steps taken by the government in this regard, and assured him of full cooperation. “We hope the Afghan government will reconsider its decision,” he added.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said the alleged abduction of the daughter of Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Najibullah Ali Khel had been registered at the Kohsar police station in Islamabad and hoped it would be resolved within 72 hours. Addressing a press conference here, the Minister shared the details of the case and said that the first information under Section 365 (secret and wrongful abduction or abduction of a person from prison), 354 (assault on a woman or criminal force) Report (FIR) has been lodged. With the intention of provoking its politeness), 34 (performed by various individuals to further the common will), and 506 (punishment for making criminal threats) for Pakistan Penal Code.

Police registered an FIR in connection with the abduction at 2am on the statement of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter, Rashid said.

The minister said that the CCTV footage obtained by the police showed that the girl left her home on foot and reached a market from where she hired two taxis one after the other. He said the girl got a taxi at Khada Market (Sector G-7) and from there rented another taxi for a mall in Rawalpindi. Police are investigating how the girl reached Daman Koh from Rawalpindi, he added, adding that they have also interviewed a third taxi driver.

The minister said that the authorities had also interviewed the driver of the third taxi which was committed by the ambassador’s daughter. He added that she could have gone straight to F-6 but instead she had gone to F-9 area of ​​Islamabad. Chose to go

After the attack, the minister said, the girl first went to Ali Medical Center and then to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital.

Later, while talking to a private TV channel, Sheikh Rashid said that the incident of abduction of the daughter of the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan did not seem to be going on. “It simply came to our notice then. RAW’s agenda, “he said.

The minister said the ambassador’s daughter had previously claimed that her phone had been stolen, “and later gave up her phone, but only after the data was deleted.” He said CCTV footage of the incident had been examined and it was found that there were not two but three taxis which he had used. “They did not return home by taxi from Daman Koh,” he said, adding that three videos had been reviewed and a fourth was being sought. Describing the events of the day, the minister said, “The girl went to Daman Koh from F-7 and then to the area of ​​F-9 Park. He said that when the girl came out of the house, she first went to the market for shopping.

The minister said that one point of his journey before Ghakhar Plaza is a blind spot at the moment as the authorities have not yet been able to get footage of the area. “The girl also used her mobile phone internet services while living in Daman Koh,” he said.


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