African-Americans likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19: federal data

African-Americans likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19: federal data

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Washington: According to federal data, African-Americans with COVID-19 were nearly four times more likely than the US white population.
African-Americans with Medicare, a national health insurance program, accounted for 465 coronovirus hospitalizations per 100,000 enrollees, Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) data showed Monday.
According to the news agency Xinhua, the rate for whites is four times, which was 123 per 100,000 enrollees.
According to Detavix, the rate of Detavix is ​​258 hospitalizations per 100,000, double the rate of whites, while Asians are nearly one and a half times more likely to be hospitalized for COVID-19.
“It reconciles long-standing issues around inequalities and vulnerable populations,” said Medicare administrator Seema Verma.
“Race and ethnicity are only far from the story.”
According to the data, more than 325,000 people on Medicare were diagnosed with COVID-19 between January 1 and May 16, and 110,000 people on Medicare with COVID-19 diagnosis were hospitalized this year.
The CMS said the payment for fee-for-service hospitals was $ 1.9 billion with an average cost of $ 23,094.
Medicare has 60 million enrollees across the United States, most of whom are 65 or older.
Also covered are young people who qualify due to being disabled.


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