After 2 defeats, Real Madrid reeling before their trip to Barcelona – Football

After 2 defeats, Real Madrid reeling before their trip to Barcelona – Football

After being humbled by a recently promoted club and a Ukrainian side playing with reserves, Real Madrid faced a trip to Camp Nou. Barcelona host Madrid on Saturday at First Clasico under new coach Ronald Coman. And even though Barcelona are going through a rebuilding process after the end of last season without the trophy, Madrid comes to the clash with even more suspicion.

Madrid is at home due to a coronovirus outbreak between a minor Cádiz and a squad that was done without many Shakhtar Donetsk.

In both losses, Madrid was sluggish and disorganized in defense, leaving opponents time and space to successfully launch a counterattack. Barcelona may have noticed the attacks of Lionel Messi and Philippe Coutinho and the young legs of Anasu Fati, Francisco Trinco and Osman Demble.

Madrid packed up with several players last Saturday, filled with many players spending their careers in the Second Division until last month. During that loss, coach Zinedine Zidan said he would not have been surprised if Madrid would have trailed by two or three goals at halftime.

That was exactly what happened on Wednesday when Shekhar won 3–2 in his Champions League opener after falling to the Madrid backline without Sergio Ramos, who was resting after injuring his left knee against the Cadiz.

Madrid expect their captain against Barcelona.

Zidan has tried to absorb the blame for the embarrassing defeats.

“I am responsible. As the first half was negative for me, it means that I have done something wrong.

He said, “I feel for the players because they have helped me win a lot of things. It was a bad game and they didn’t deserve it. But that’s football. You have to keep thinking that if it is gray today, it will be sunny tomorrow. “

But his team is under pressure, both veterans and newcomers.

Against Shekhar, Rafael Verne should have been the defensive leader with Ramos out. But Vern showed the same fragile defense behind his two errors to score Madrid’s August League Champions League exit to Manchester City.

Taking a catch behind a Shakhtar player, Warren bounced the ball into his own net, leading 2–0.

Marcelo and Milder Milito were unable to stop Tete’s goal in the 29th minute and Manor Solomon in the 42nd.

Down 3–0 at halftime, Luca Modric and Vinicius Jr. scored two goals, but the team did not return after half an hour remaining.

“When we don’t play well under pressure, everybody suffers. We found it hard to get back, ”Vern said. “It’s a difficult time for the team, but we’ve got a very important game (Barcelona) and we’re focused on winning.”

Marcello, who lost his undisputed grip last season to young Ferland Mendy, has played three matches this season. Two of them were consecutive losses.

If life is a difficult choice for Clasico, then Dani Carvajal or Overo Odriozola do not heal in time if they are hurt on the right side. If he plays the role of Mendy to handle Barcelona’s Fati speed and dribbling, he will have to put Marcello on the left side, where he will face either Messi, Antoine Griezmann, Dembélé or Trincho, who are all fast .

But if Zidan puts Mendy back on the left, he will have to recruit Nacho Fernandez, a central defender, to take Fetti. Barcelona’s teenage sensation should benefit in that duel, meaning Fernandez will need help and Messi will have more space in the middle.

Barcelona come into the Classic on Tuesday after beating Hungarian side Ferenkovas 5–1 in the Champions League.

Nevertheless, Modric says that Barcelona is positive to be next.

“It’s a good thing the next game is soon and it’s Clasico,” Modric said. “We don’t forget to play football. We can do well. “


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