After a delay in the home office, the British child finally got a passport in India Migration and Asylum

The nine-month-old baby, who had been stranded abroad since birth, finally got a British passport, 239 days after his parents applied for it.

Richard Hamilton from Britain and his Indian wife Priya Jacob have two children, three-year-old Joy and nine-month-old Jacob. The couple, who live in Hampshire, are humanitarian aid workers and travel around the world posting.

But the series of delays and U-turns through the Home Office means that Jacob, who was born in India, was stranded abroad shortly after birth, and his family is divided between the two continents and His mother cannot work to deal with the corona virus. The couple’s older child’s passport application was processed in a matter of weeks.

The delay came as passport officials changed their minds about whether Skype interviews could be conducted face-to-face due to the epidemic.

The couple applied for Jacob’s passport in February. Eight months later, there were 67 emails, 16 calls to the Passport Helpline, five letters to her local MP Damien Hinds, and two letters to Home Secretary Preity Patel, after the Guardian raised questions from Home. Go ahead Office.

Hamilton and Priya Jacob were residing in India at the time of passport application. Hamilton returned to the UK a few months ago to help care for his mother’s illness and arrange for a passport. Priya Jacob stayed in India with her two children.

Now the family has reunited in India and can finally proceed with a nine-month passport and a visa to Myanmar, where Priya Jacob was offered a job as Asia’s Regional Project Director for the Danish Refugee Council. Has been pulled. Its role is to manage the corona virus response in Rohingya refugee camps.

Hamilton said: “We have finally come to the end of this extraordinarily long, often highly intrusive, and unsympathetic process. We now have a long way to go as a family and continue our human career. Looking forward to having


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