After all, the NA remains empty

After all, the NA remains empty

Opposition leader in the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif on Thursday slammed the PTI government for demanding a “fake budget” for the past three years.

Shahbaz Sharif finally managed to deliver his budget speech in the lower house uninterruptedly, after three consecutive sessions of the National Assembly, both were adjourned due to the devastation caused by the treasury and members of the opposition.

He said that in the last three years, the PTI government had imposed a lot of taxes which had halved the food of the poor man. The previous budget has created hunger and despair in the country and the recently announced budget 2021-2022 will further increase inflation and the poor will suffer more, ”Shahbaz said in his three-hour long written speech. He called for revision of budget proposals on taxes and duties to provide maximum relief to the people. Pointed out to rationalize the suggestions.

In his address, the PML-N president said that new taxes on prices should be abolished. The duty on milk powder for children should be changed. 20% increase in salaries of government employees. The minimum wage for laborers should be fixed at Rs. 25,000. Taxes on LNG and RLNG should be abolished and the rates that reduced electricity tariffs during the PML-N regime should be reduced. In 2018, DAP should reduce fertilizer, urea prices and tariffs on tube wells. Sales tax on machinery should be abolished immediately and work on CPEC projects should be started immediately.

“Twenty million people have fallen below the poverty line in the last three years. Revenue has been reduced by 20%. People are asking where are the 10.5 million jobs? [promised by the PTI]. As a result of these fake budgets, 500,000 people have lost their jobs, “Shahbaz claimed in his speech.” Even if one imagines that one person will go to bed hungry in Riyadh, they say, “We are new.” We will build Pakistan. Obviously, the old Pakistan was better when the country was somehow developed.

The PML-N leader pointed out the lack of trust between the provinces and the provinces and the federal government, and claimed that “such differences have never been seen before”. “If only Punjab develops and the rest of Pakistan does not develop, it will not develop,” he stressed.

Shahbaz said the PTI government had spent “taking revenge” on the opposition instead of resolving issues like food inflation. He said that no one was saying that there should be no accountability but ‘justice should be the standard’.

The PML-N leader said that the per capita debt in Pakistan has reached 0.14 million, adding that “every last hair of our future generations is mortgaged”. “Can a nation survive like this – an atom bomb on one side and a begging bowl on the other?” He asked.

Shahbaz stressed that the country must create resources, saying “if we want to end dictation, we have to break begging.” He questioned what the government has done to increase exports in the last three years.

“The rupee has fallen 35 paise against the dollar. When prices fell, imports became more expensive. Our exports have not increased since 2018. He (PTI government) has not been able to increase exports in three years.

Referring to the Prime Minister’s seat, Shahbaz said, “This seat is vacant when Afghanistan is discussed. This seat is vacant when Palestine and Kashmir are discussed, when inflation and unemployment are discussed.” When there is a debate, this seat is left empty.

He also spoke about the efforts made by the former PML-N government to improve Pakistan and said that it was Nawaz Sharif who solved many problems of the country, including terrorism. Gardi, power outages, and Patwari culture because they had all the provinces on one page

Criticizing the previous government in the lower house of parliament, Planning Minister Asad Umar said that the PML-N had left the country’s economy shaking and Pakistan was on the verge of becoming a ‘beggar state’. The PML-N prepared the ground to make the country a beggar [state] “It destroyed the country’s economy due to poor economic policies,” Omar told the NA.


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