After General Rawat’s ‘military option’ comment, Jaishankar focused on diplomacy to resolve the LAC crisis India News

After General Rawat’s ‘military option’ comment, Jaishankar focused on diplomacy to resolve the LAC crisis India News

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NEW DELHI: Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat said that the defense services will be ready for military action if all efforts to restore the status quo on LAC do not succeed, then the foreign minister S. Jaishankar Brought back attention to diplomacy as a way to resolve the ongoing border crisis with China.
In an interview to, Jaishankar Recognizing the seriousness of the current crisis, the last three such stand-ups stated – Depsang (2013), Chumar (2014) and Doklam (2017) – resolved by diplomacy. However, he also said that while restoring the status quo, China should agree to honor all agreements and not attempt to change the situation unilaterally. “I am not downplaying either the seriousness or the complex nature of the current situation. Naturally, what we need to do to secure our borders. … We are talking to the Chinese through both military channels and diplomats. In fact, they work together. ”
On Monday, General Rawat announced, “The military option to deal with crimes committed by the Chinese military in Ladakh is on, but it will only be used when negotiations at the military and diplomatic level fail.” His comments created no small stir within and outside the government.
However, a solution, Jaishankar indicated, should be more than just a return to the status quo. “When it comes to finding a solution, this prediction should be made on honoring all agreements and understanding. And there is no attempt to change the status quo. ”This indicates that India is looking for a more permanent solution to China’s examples so that LAC can be repeatedly shifted to Indian territory.
Official and military talks stuck on Chinese incursions Pangong Tso. Their position as Finger 8 going back to their own position is that they want to leave more troops in the area and also want India to fall further behind. India has refused to accept it.
The minister’s remarks on Wednesday are also indicative that moving forward on other aspects of the relationship, India has “negated the difference” as the recommended Chinese ambassador on Tuesday. In an interview to TOI, Jaishankar had earlier stated, “The boundary situation and the future of our relationship cannot, therefore, be separated.” This is the reality. He emphasized that the current deadlock in eastern Ladakh is certainly the most serious situation since 1962. In fact, after 45 years, we have had military casualties on this border. The amount of forces currently deployed by both sides on the LAC is also unprecedented.


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