After Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan blamed the crisis of rape on women Imran Khan

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan faced abuse when he accused victims of wearing “too little clothing”.

Former cricket captain Inquiries Axis journalist Jonathan Swan responds to the “rape epidemic” in Pakistan and responds: “If a woman wears very few clothes, it affects men unless they are robots.” This is intellect.

He did not elaborate on what is meant by “a few clothes” in a country where the majority of women wear conservative national dress.

More than a dozen women’s rights groups, including the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, have demanded an apology. “It’s dangerously simple and it reinforces the general public’s perception that women victims and men ‘know’ the ‘helpless’ aggressors,” he said.

Politician Maryam Nawaz, who is the Vice President of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and daughter of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Said Khan was a “forgiver of rape” and that those who justified rape had the same criminal mentality.

Kanwal Ahmed, a campaigner for women’s rights, tweeted: “It amazes me to think how many abusers the Prime Minister would have endorsed today in support of his crime. Is.”

Protests have taken place in Karachi and Lahore over the weekend.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan
Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Photo: Rehmat Gul / AP

Earlier this year, the prime minister was accused of “surprisingly disturbing” by one of the country’s top rights groups when he suggested covering women to prevent rape.

His media team later insisted that the commentary had been misinterpreted in the national language of Urdu.

When asked about his previous impressions of the Swan victims, Khan replied that it was “nonsense” and instead referred to Islam’s “concept veil”. Which is done to “avoid the temptation of society”, which is often done by hiding oneself.

Victims of sexual exploitation are often viewed with suspicion, and criminal complaints are rarely investigated in Pakistan. Most of the country is living under a so-called “code of conduct” where women who shame their families can be tortured or killed.

The country is regularly ranked one of the worst places in the world for gender equality.

Protests erupted across the country in 2020 when a police chief advised a gang-raped youth to drive at night without a male partner. The French Pakistani mother was attacked in front of children on the side of the motorway when her car ran out of oil.

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