After the cherry campaign, the ‘world’s longest elephant’ went to Cambodia for animal welfare

After years of public outcry and campaigning for American singer and actor Chir, the “world’s tallest elephant” has embarked on a major retirement drive at a Cambodian sanctuary.

Chir has recently spent time at the Islamabad Zoo to provide moral support to Kaun – an overweight 36-year-old bull elephant – whose dilapidated facility has been pitied by animal rights groups and a passionate social media outlet. The campaign caused a stir.

“My wishes have finally come true,” Cherry said in a statement, thanking Free the Wild.

“We’re counting the moments and dreaming for so long and finally seeing Kaun move out. [the Islamabad] The zoo will always be with us.

As a result of the Kaun case and the zoo’s poor condition, a judge this year ordered the removal of all animals.

“Thanks also to the Chair and local Pakistani workers, Kaun’s fate made headlines around the world and helped make his migration easier,” said an animal welfare group, which called for relocation. Attempts have been made, said Martin Bauer, spokesman for the party.

Experts spent hours attaching a slightly anesthetized cone to a specially constructed metal crate, helping to drag it using ropes on one occasion. He was picked up by lorry and taken to Islamabad airport on Sunday.

From there, Kaun was to be sent to northwestern Cambodia by Russian transport jumbo jet.

Chir, 74, spent several days visiting Kaun in the Pakistani capital before visiting the 10,000-hectare (25,000-acre) Cambodian wildlife sanctuary, in which Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan personally visited him. Thank you.

Chir visited an elephant at a zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Chir visited an elephant at a zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan. Photographer: Sohail Shehzad / EPA

When the elephant arrived, it was scheduled to fly to Cambodia on Sunday in the Southeast Asian country.

Kaun will initially be housed in a small designated area of ​​the park where he could see other elephants, officials said.

“Sending him to a place where he can be with other elephants of his kind is really the right choice,” Malik Amin Aslam, Pakistan’s climate change minister, told AFP.

“We will be happy to see him in Cambodia and we hope to find a partner soon.”

Called the world’s tallest elephant by the press, Kaun was Pakistan’s only Asian elephant.

A team of doctors and specialists from Four Pau worked with Cowan for several months to prepare him for a trip to Cambodia, including training elephants to enter large-scale metal transport crates. Which will be placed in the cargo plane for a seven-hour flight. .

Zoo officials have in the past denied that Kaun was kept in a substandard condition or tied up, and claimed that the creature was killed after the death of his mate instead. Eating for a new partner.

But Kaun’s behavior – which included signs of distress such as constant nodding – raised concerns about his mental health.

The activists also said that Kaun was not adequately sheltered from the hot summer temperatures in Islamabad.

Kaun’s partner, Sahli, died in 2012.

Rights groups and conservationists say the extraordinary conditions at the Islamabad Zoo have resulted in a lack of legislation in Pakistan to protect animal welfare.

Rab Nawaz from WWF Pakistan said, “It’s getting better.” Kaun is just one animal. There are a lot of animals in Pakistan;


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