After WAPDA got its land for peanuts, the citizen got some justice

After WAPDA got its land for peanuts, the citizen got some justice

Unfortunately, our governmental organizations still believe that the protection of citizens’ rights is not the responsibility of the state and that they can do whatever they want with people’s lives and property.

WAPDA once again reflected the attitude of welcoming Mr. Waheed, a 24-kanal citizen in Mardan, to the Supreme Court against the decision of the Peshawar High Court after paying 24,000 kanals to Mr. Waheed, a citizen of Mardan. Land was acquired.

The ancestral land in Mohibabad area of ​​Mardan was acquired at a nominal rate of Rs. The move forced Waheed to challenge the action in the Peshawar High Court, which later ruled that the amount should be increased to Rs 4,000.

However, a two-judge bench headed by Justice Sajjad rejected the petition and ordered WAPDA to pay the amount as per the Peshawar High Court decision.

During the hearing, Justice Sajjad remarked that is it not an injustice that WAPDA can acquire one’s ancestral land at Rs. 50 per marla through which one can buy a cup of tea in any restaurant.

The judge noted that he had received a port stating that the price of one marla of land in the area was Rs. 17,000 but WAPDA also objected to the Rs. 4,000 fixed by the Peshawar High Court.

WAPDA adviser Shakirullah Afridi argued that the land was barren and that his client had cultivated it. He added that there was no problem in paying due to the low price of land in the area.

However, a two-judge bench dismissed the appeal and reversed the decision passed by the Peshawar High Court.


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