Age cap is considered temporary, no change in support staff: CAB chief | Cricket news

Age cap is considered temporary, no change in support staff: CAB chief | Cricket news

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Kolkata: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on Sunday evening released the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the state associations and the choice of Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) in the age limit of 60 years was seen on individuals. One place as coach Arun Lal is 65 years old. But CAB President Avishek Dalmia believes this is only a temporary issue and will be overcome with the coronavirus epidemic.
“It is presumed that for persons above a certain age or in view of the present condition with the underlying medical conditions mentioned in the advisory is of a temporary nature and taken for the benefit of persons beyond a certain age for their protection Is. This is so. The document clearly states that all such persons should be discouraged from participating in camp activities until appropriate guidelines are issued by the government.
“While this may change due to time since the SOP, it has been noted that the guidelines may be amended from time to time based on the current Kovid-19 status in the country and the guidelines issued.” Government in due time, ”he said.
He said that currently there will be no change in coaching personnel. “Since permission has not yet been given to start sports activities in the state, and since domestic cricket is left with a lot of time to start, no decision on changing the support staff is currently being considered. . However, we will continue to monitor the situation from time to time. The coaches appointed for different teams will continue to monitor their respective teams through video conferencing, as they are doing during the period of lockdown, “he said.
The CAB chief said that commenting on the safe reinstatement of cricket said: “We (SOP) have sent the members of the medical committee so that they can study it in detail. We will soon have a meeting of the medical committee to work on it.” Call. Steps to be taken by the association to ensure safe restoration in the coming weeks.


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