Aggression cannot be taught, it should flow naturally into pacers: Kurtley Ambrose | Cricket news

Aggression cannot be taught, it should flow naturally into pacers: Kurtley Ambrose | Cricket news

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West Indies legend Kurtley Ambrose said that Agresan cannot be taught to bowlers because it is a trait he should be born with.

Ambrose said that although he was naturally aggressive, it was fellow veteran Antiguan bowler Andy Roberts, who encouraged him to hug while bowling.

Hosted by Michael Atherton, Ambrose said on the podcast, “One of the things I told was to always be aggressive, to always be aggressive. It stuck in my mind coming from a great guy like me.” Sky Sports

“I don’t think you can teach a bowler to be aggressive – it must be something within you. You can try but if a bowler is not in it, it probably won’t work. It will work for me. Gone.” Because I am naturally aggressive while competing. It flows naturally to me. ”

Ambrose, who took 405 wickets in 98 Tests at an average of 20.99, said that if one can talk to the ball, there is hardly any need for the batsmen to be sledging.

“… if you are good at what you do, then you let five and a half ounces (cricket ball) talk for you.

“If you keep sledging, you’re probably not good. It wasn’t the way of the West Indies. Five and half ounces coming at you at 90mph is more than enough!”

Ambrose also recalled the days when he joined the West Indies, which was full of greats in the late 1980s.

Ambrose insisted that although he was new, he never liked being called the second best and he always wanted to be the best.

“When I first made the West Indies team with the late, great Malcolm Marshall as well as Courtney Walsh and Patrick Patterson, I never wanted to be second. I am a proud person and I want to be the best,” I said. Ambrose.

“I quickly realized for most opposing teams that they were probably thinking ‘Kurtley is a badass, so just look at Marshall, Walsh and Patterson.’

“I never wanted to do that and I was forced to learn quickly, so I wouldn’t be the weak link in the series. Because of my pride, that propelled me to stardom.”


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