Ahsan Iqbal warned the government that the results of the interference in the GB elections would be revealed

Ahsan Iqbal warned the government that the results of the interference in the GB elections would be revealed

PML-N Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal addressing a press conference in Narowal on October 11, 2020. – Twitter / PML-N

Narowal: The government will face consequences if it interferes in the November 15 Gilgit-Baltistan elections, PML-N Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal said on Sunday.

Addressing a media conference, Iqbal said: “If the government tries to deprive the people of their rights or rigged the elections, it will suffer.”

The PML-N leader said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had already ruined the Kashmir cause and now he was playing with the future of GB.

Iqbal accused the government of “benevolence” in appointing caretaker ministers in the GB. ” [government] to be continued [disintegrate] Administrative machinery “

“Federal ministers are interfering in the GB elections,” he alleged.[Black] The election process is clouded. “

Iqbal added that it was important that the people of GB be given their rights.

Meanwhile, the PML-N has also announced the candidates contesting the GB elections.

The party members participating in the elections are as follows:

Constituency 2, Gilgit 2: Hafeez-ur-Rehman

Constituency No. 3, Gilgit-3: Zulfiqar Ali Tattoo

Constituency No. 4, Nagar 1. Engineer Arif Hussain

Constituency No. 5, Nagar 2. Sajjad Hussain

Constituency No. 6, Hunza: Rehan Shah

Constituency No. 7, Skardu: Akbar Taban

Constituency No. 11, Khurramang: Fig. Shabbir

Constituency 12, Shigar: Tahir Shugri

Constituency No. 13, Goshak 1: Farman Ali

Constituency 15, Diamer 1. عبدواجد

Constituency No. 16, Diamer 2: Muhammad Anwar

Constituency No. 17, Diamer-3: President Alam

Constituency 19 Ghizr: Atif Salman

Constituency No. 23, Ganche 2: Ghulam Hussain

Constituency No. 24, Ganchhe-3: Manzoor Hussain

According to sources, PML-N has not announced the name of any candidate from former deputy speaker Jafarullah’s constituency 1, Gilgit-1.

Sources said that Constituency 14, Barkat Jamil’s Astor 2, and Constituency 18, Imran Vakil’s Diamer 3 also remained vacant till now.

Moreover, no candidate has been announced from Constituency 8, Skardu 2, and Constituency 9, Skardu 3.


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