Air India Paschim-Vande sells over 22,000 tickets in 15 hours in India

Air India Paschim-Vande sells over 22,000 tickets in 15 hours in India

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New Delhi: Air India (AI) has sold more than 22,000 seats in 15 hours of booking for Vanda Bharat Mission-3 outbound flights to North America and Europe. With the huge demand to travel outside India and Air India flights being the only option at least this month, the AI ​​website received millions of hits and people had a hard time grabbing a seat.
“VBM Phase-3 started selling tickets for select destinations in the USA, Canada, UK and Europe at 5 pm on Friday. Our website experienced 6-7 times more activity. In total till 8 am, more than 22,000 seats have been sold. More seats for more places will be added in due time, ”AI tweeted on Saturday morning at 9.20.

But given the massive demand and tickets being sold only on AI channels, people faced a difficult time.
“What are these gimmicks ???” I have not switched off my screen since 5 pm on Friday, no tickets have been received .. Where have you sold 22000 seats? Agents? Black marketer? ”Chitrakashi Pasi tweeted with her handle @PassiChitrakashi.

“Spent 15 hours, blocked IP addresses, 3 US credit cards declined, customer service shut down after 2 hours of waiting. Twice…. “Tweeted Saurabh from the handle @ shssince1985.

The highest demand for flights to the US is to San Francisco and Chicago and there is the highest demand. A senior AI official said that people should not panic. The website slowed down and many could not access it. A senior official said, “We will take more flights if needed.”
Travelers wonder why AI did not sell its inventory through online travel agents. “This is an international health emergency and AI has told OTA that they will not receive any commission for the sale of these tickets. And that they should forgive their commissions as a national service. A large country with huge travel demand like India cannot have just one website to cater to the outbound travel demand of its people. The website will obviously slow down or crash, ”another passenger said.
Air India is operating 75 additional flights this month in North American destinations such as New York, Newark, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto and foreign nationals can fly on them. It will take some time to resume the scheduled international flights and by then Vande India flights will be flying to eligible people in and out of India.


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