Akash Chopra shocked by Afridi’s jib at Indian players Cricket news

Akash Chopra shocked by Afridi’s jib at Indian players Cricket news

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Shahid Afridi (Photo by Philip Brown / Popperphoto via Philip Image)

NEW DELHI: Former India opener Akash Chopra Pakistan’s former captain responded Shahid AfridiThe comment is that he beat his arch rivals so many times that Indian players apologized at the end of the matches.
Afridi said in the Crick Cast show, “I have always enjoyed India. We have defeated them quite a few times. Youtube.
Chopra took note of Afridi’s comments and said that Pakistan was indeed a better side when he had radicals Imran Khan And Wasim akram In their ranks.
“Pakistan had a very good team and there are no two ways about it. Now they also have a good team, but at one time Pakistan was a better side than India. But Afridi was not there when he was talking Were. ” Chopra said in the video uploaded on her YouTube channel in her show Akashvani.
“Pakistan’s team was full of very talented players like Imran Khan, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis And he did very well because of such players. ”
Chopra then put forward some statistics to deny Afridi’s claims that his Pakistan team beat India several times. The cricketer-to-commentator shared the Indo-Pakistan figures after Afridi’s debut and looked like it would be a completely different picture.
“If you look at the stats, we played 15 Tests, both teams won five Tests each. In one-day matches, they have won two more games than us. In 82 games your side is 41–39 in your favor, so did well. . But I doubt anyone is going to apologize for losing just two more games, “Chopra said.
“But when you talk about T20I, the format in which you were really good, India is ahead of the head-to-head record 7-1. Isn’t the story told backwards? Hai, he (Afridi) wanted to say something else. And he said something else. I’m really surprised. ”


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