Allies, BAP members demanded the removal of Jam Kamal from the post of Chief Minister

Allies, BAP members demanded the removal of Jam Kamal from the post of Chief Minister

Sources said that several members and allies of the ruling Balochistan Awami Party have demanded the removal of Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal from the post of Chief Minister. Geo News on Sunday.

According to sources, tensions have risen between the Chief Minister and PTI members of the Balochistan Assembly.

Sources said that during Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent visit to Quetta, members of the PTI’s provincial assembly had lodged several complaints about Kamal.

Sources said that the Prime Minister met six members of the PTI parliamentary group headed by parliamentary leader Sardar Yar Mohammad Rind and also included Deputy Speaker Balochistan Assembly Sardar Babar Muskhel.

According to sources, the group complained that Kamal was “spoiling the PTI in Balochistan”.

Sources said, “Apart from Jam Kamal, any Chief Minister from BAP would be acceptable.”

Sources said that there was talk of re-appointing Speaker Quds Bizenjo as Chief Minister in place of Kamal. He said that if BAP changes its chief minister then PTI will accept his election.

He further said that after meeting the parliamentary group, the Prime Minister had a one-on-one meeting with the Chief Minister.

On the other hand, several BAP ministers and assembly members are also angry with Kamal.

Geo News told a senior BAP leader how many party members disagreed with the chief minister. “21 or 22 of the 24 members are with him,” the senior leader said.

“And why won’t the members be angry with Jam Kamal?” They said. “Ministers have to wait four hours at a time.”

Meanwhile, Balochistan government spokesman Liaquat Shahwani said reports of a meeting for a no-confidence motion against the chief minister were “baseless”.

Following this development, the Prime Minister asked the Governor of Balochistan to resign.

According to Geo NewsThe Prime Minister wrote a letter to Yasinzai in which he said that he wanted to appoint someone else in his place.

“Of course. It does not in any way negatively affect your ability or performance. It is just that Pakistan is facing the current political challenges. I am sure, change is needed.”


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