Amazon, Google, Microsoft sued for allegedly using biometric data without consent: report

Amazon, Google, Microsoft sued for allegedly using biometric data without consent: report

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Two Illinois residents have filed a lawsuit against tech giants over Amazon, Google and Microsoft for using their faces for training …Read more

two Illinois resident Have sued Tech giants amazon, Google and Microsoft According to a report by Softpedia, to use your face for training facial recognition systems without consent. Tech veterans action is violated Biometric Information Privacy Act, Or BIPA, the plaintiff claims. Reportedly, the plaintiffs are seeking $ 5,000 for a violation of the law.
Two plaintiffs, Steven Vance and Tim Janek, alleged that their faces and photos were included IBM The report states that the “Face in Diversity” database was used by tech giants Amazon, Google and Microsoft for their own applications.
The BIPA was passed in 2008 to protect Illinois residents against unauthorized use of their biometric information.
“Defendant Microsoft never informed or informed Plaintiff Vance or its legally authorized representative in writing: (a) it collects, stores and uses Plaintiff Vance’s biometric identifiers and information; Or (b) for the specific purpose and period for which the plaintiff’s biometric identifier and information was being collected, stored and used, “the lawsuit against Microsoft cited in the report reads.
“Defendant Microsoft violated Biopa by collecting and obtaining biometric identifiers and information, including biometric identifiers and information from plaintiffs and class members, without providing the requisite written information and obtaining the requisite written release.” The report cites the lawsuit.
The report noted that of the three, Microsoft is the only company to have commented on the lawsuit so far, saying that it is “taking privacy seriously”.


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