Amazon India has made it mandatory to display ‘country of origin’.

Amazon India has made it mandatory to display ‘country of origin’.

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Bengaluru: Amazon india Now from next week Indian vendors have made it mandatory to ‘add country of origin’ for new and existing product listings. It has set a deadline of 10 August and said vendors should start reflecting the ‘origin of the country’ tag by then.
“Since July 21, 2020, we are offering” country_off_origin “as a mandatory feature in addition to some optional features in our category listing templates in accordance with the Legal Metrology Act 2009. You will be required to” provide information for the country. The e-tailer informed traders on Wednesday morning, “Essentially for all your new and existing listings.”
TOI reported last month that e-tailers are preferred Adventuress And BigBasket started collecting this data from its vendors and brands. Amazon’s latest move now makes it mandatory in India.
“Failure to provide information in the” specialty of the country “by August 10, 2020 could lead to enforcement action, including suppression in your listing,” said E-Taylor.
This comes a week after the government proposed a timeline for e-tailers to reflect the country of origin for new listings until 1 August, while also for existing listings until 1 October.
According to the TOI report, e-commerce companies had sought more time to reflect changes in all products, citing the complexity and volume of online products. For example, Amazon India has 180 million products while Walmart-owned Flipkart has 150 million. Flipkart, showing the country of origin for select categories, has now intensified its efforts on the matter after government meetings. For Amazon India, select brands, for example in the food category, started showing the country of origin last month.
The issue has become the subject of much debate since the border conflict between India and China began in Ladakh last month. By showing the country of origin, the idea is to help consumers make informed decisions when anti-China sentiment increases in the country. A large quantity of such products is imported from China, from smartphones to large appliances and electronic goods.
One of the merchants sold on Amazon India said, “I can start listing and it will still take time but they (Amazon) have not told us what happens when the product or its components are made in many countries including China Go. ”
Emails sent to Amazon India remained unanswered.


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