Amazon launches mask store on its platform

Amazon launches mask store on its platform

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Facial masks have become an important part of life, and will remain until vaccinated for coronavirus. So, if you are looking to buy trendy face masks, then Adventuress Good news for you Itler has launched a dedicated store for masks on its platform. The store offers masks from over 35 vendors across the country. Buyers can purchase masks of popular brands such as Louis Philippe, Max and W from women as well as local vendors.
Amazon Mask Shop Provides surgical mask, N95 mask and cloth mask. According to Amazon, the special mask – N95 and surgical masks Demand has seen growth, Cloth mask Has proved to be equally effective. The Government of India and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued an advisory regarding the use of cloth masks or homemade masks with an approved alternative to include dissemination.
E-commerce has also created a dedicated supply store for products, where customers can buy PPE kits, masks, sanitizers, gloves and more. Earlier this year, Amazon Business launched front-line organizations such as Kovid-19 Supply Stores and Healthcare for businesses. To make necessary purchases related to Kovid-19 in bulk.


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