Ambedkar had proposed Sanskrit as the official language: CJI Bobde

Ambedkar had proposed Sanskrit as the official language: CJI Bobde

NAGPUR: Chief Justice of India Sharad Bobde on Wednesday said BR Ambedkar had proposed Sanskrit as the “official national language” of India because he understood political and social issues well and knew what people wanted Huh.

The CJI also said that the ancient Indian text is not “slightly” inferior to the “Nyestra” Aristotle and the Persian system of logic, and “there is no reason not to sacrifice, ignore, and gain the talents of our ancestors”.

CJI Bobde was speaking at the inauguration of the educational building of Maharashtra National Law University (MNLU) here in Maharashtra.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, Union Minister and Nagpur MP Nitin Gadkari and others attended the event.

Recalling BR Ambedkar on his 130th birth anniversary, the CJI said, “This morning, I was right about what language I should give a speech. Today is the birth anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar which reminds me that language The conflict between. The language used while speaking and the language used during work is very old “.

He said that the Supreme Court gets many representations on what should be the language of the subordinate courts, but I think the subject is not being taken care of.

The CJI said, “But Dr. Ambedkar feared this aspect and he rejected a resolution saying that the official language of the Indian Union should be Sanskrit.”

The CJI said that it could not recall whether the proposal, which had signatures of some clerics, pandits, priests and Ambedkar, was defunct (in the assembly constituency).

“It was Ambedkar’s opinion that since Tamil is not acceptable in North India, it can be opposed there and similarly Hindi will be opposed in South India. But, there is less possibility of Sanskrit opposition in North India or South India. And so he was robbed. CJI Bobde said that the proposal, but it did not succeed.

The Chief Justice of India said that Ambedkar was not only aware of the law, but he also knew social and political issues well.

The CJI said, “They knew what the poor, poor people of the country wanted. They were fully aware of all these aspects and I think they put up this proposal.”

He said that law school is the nursery of the legal profession.

The CJI said, “Law school is the nursery from which our legal profession as well as the crop of judges grows. With Maharashtra National Law University (MNLU) many people’s dreams have come true.”

He further stated that the objective of MNLU is “to provide a national approach to the students and faculty who are prepared across the country”.

“There is no territoriality and no parochialism and this is what distinguishes the National Law University from any other form,” he said.

CJI Bobde said that two unique courses are taught at MNLU, including a course that would produce a lot of judges on the lines of the National Defense Academy (NDA), which not only produces soldiers, but also officers. Also happens, and the second course is on ‘Nyashastra’.

“The Indian justice system was inherited from the British which uses logic and the origin of logic is Aristotle. But the ‘Nyestastra’ developed in India is nothing less than Aristotle or the Persian system of logic.

CJI Bobde said, “I see no reason why we should not abandon, ignore and leverage the talents of our ancestors. This is why this course started which is unique.”

The CJI is set to retire on 23 April. He will be succeeded by Justice NV Raman as the successor.

Speaking on the occasion, CM Thackrey congratulated MNLU and said that the state government will always support the judiciary and its institutions.

He appealed to MNLU teachers to train the students well so that they will always uphold the values ​​of democracy once they become judges or lawyers.

“BR Ambedkar not only practiced law in court, but he fought on the streets for equal social justice,” said the CM.

He appealed to the students graduating from MNLU that their training and expertise help the underprivileged sections of the society.

On this occasion, Gadkari appreciated the contribution of Bobde in realizing the dream of MNLU in Nagpur besides CJI, Justice Bhushan Gavai, former SC Judge Vikas Sirpurkar, former CM Devendra Fadnavis and Thackeray.


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