Amid the NA turmoil, Shahbaz Sharif once again failed to deliver a budget speech

Amid the NA turmoil, Shahbaz Sharif once again failed to deliver a budget speech

Leader of the Opposition Shahbaz Sharif addresses the floor of the National Assembly in Islamabad on June 16, 2021. – YouTube

Opposition leader in the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif failed to deliver his budget speech in the National Assembly on Wednesday despite being surrounded by sergeants for the third time – as members of the assembly continued to cause a commotion.

Shahbaz tried several times to complete his speech on the federal budget but failed because despite repeated warnings from National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser and instructions to maintain discipline in the House, members of the treasury blocked him. Stay

Three attempts were made by the Speaker to take action, the meeting was adjourned twice, finally adjourned for the third time in a day.

First leave

Speaker Qaiser called the events of June 15 before the first holiday unfortunate and added that he would not continue until the legislators had resolved their differences.

“Action has been taken against lawmakers who used vulgar language at home on June 15,” he said […] A parliamentary committee will be formed to further investigate the matter, he said.

The speaker announced that the committee would consist of six members each from the finance and opposition benches, before they adjourned for the first time as lawmakers continued to interrupt Shahz’s speech.

Second leave

After 15 minutes, the meeting resumed and Shahbaz spoke for a while, taunting Prime Minister Imran Khan for ordering lawmakers in the NA to “use vulgar language.”

When he delivered his address, the treasury benches started abusing him, the speaker repeatedly asked him to maintain the decoration in the house.

Shahbaz said yesterday’s operation in the NA was one of the “darkest days” in Pakistan, adding that he could not repeat the words uttered by members of the treasury benches.

“Mr. Speaker, it was your duty to maintain discipline and prevent such incidents from happening. […] “Even today they have not stopped,” he said.

Federal Minister for Planning and Development Asad Omar said that while the PML-N president was delivering his speech, a member of the opposition threw a “whole bottle” on the treasury benches. He added that Akram Cheema was injured and injured.

The Speaker asked the sergeants to show the door to the hardline member who had thrown bottles and other missiles at Shahbaz and adjourned the meeting.

Meeting adjourned

When the session resumed for the second time, there was chaos.

As it became clear that there was no sign of an end to the riots, the Speaker adjourned the proceedings for the day.

“We will not resume the meeting until today until we have an understanding that we want to move forward,” he said.

Opposition to a no-confidence motion against the speaker

According to sources, the opposition had earlier decided to take joint action of no-confidence motion against NA Speaker Qaiser after a two-day commotion in the lower house.

The development came during a meeting of opposition party leaders in Islamabad, where they decided to set up a committee that would draft practical steps to move the no-confidence motion forward.

According to sources, opposition leaders observed that yesterday’s action in the NA was “the darkest day for democracy in Pakistan’s history”.

“The speaker has failed in his constitutional, legal, democratic and parliamentary responsibilities […] He is the protector of every member of parliament, but [he has failed in his duties] He said that he was no longer eligible to take office.

What happened in NA?

On Tuesday, the NA proceedings witnessed insulting scenes when ministers and parliamentarians rioted, used foul language, blew whistles and snatched one of the budget books during the opposition leader’s speech at NA Shahbaz Sharif on the federal budget. Others were seen attacking.

During the commotion, a member of the treasury bench threw a book at Shahbaz, which fell on Daisy in front of him. Members from both sides approached the NA Speaker’s chair in a physical altercation, but he could do nothing but make requests and repeatedly suspend the proceedings.

NA security personnel set up a security cordon around the opposition leader and pushed back members of the government who were trying to move towards him.

Opposition members cordoned off the area to prevent any attack on Shahbaz Sharif.

Meanwhile, a security guard, Asif Kayani, was slightly injured when a book came close to his eye.

A video of PTI’s Ali Nawaz Awan abusing an opponent also went viral on social media. However, the PTI member said that it was Sheikh Rohail Asghar of PML-N who first used abusive language.

7 MPs banned from NA for ‘misbehavior’

Following the incident, NA Speaker Qaiser banned seven lawmakers, barring them from entering Parliament House until further notice.

The notice said that during the speech of opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif, the behavior of these MPs was “extremely restless”.

There are three members of the ruling PTI and four members of the opposition – three from the PML-N and one from the PPP. He has “violated” the rules, despite the speaker’s “repeated instructions.”

Therefore, I order the immediate withdrawal of the above-mentioned members from the National Assembly. These members are not required to enter the Parliament House premises until further notice. A statement issued by the Speaker said,

Ali Gohar Khan (PML-N), Chaudhry Hamid Hameed (PML-N), Sheikh Rohail Asghar (PML-N), Fahim Khan (PTI) and Abdul Majeed Khan are among the lawmakers who have been banned from the assembly. PTI), Ali Nawaz. Awan (PTI), and Syed Agha Rafiullah (PPP).

The operation was carried out after Asad Qaiser’s meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan during which the situation in the NA was discussed.


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