Amnesty specializes in hard truths. No wonder Modi drove him out of India

S.Asking the truth for power has always been a complete and dangerous occupation, as Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny recently recalled when he said after finally surviving a poisoning project: He was instructed by the Kremlin.

Non-mahram Kurdish activists are in jail for challenging Turkey’s modern-day sultan. In Iran, human rights lawyer Nasreen Sotouda is brutally punished for supporting women’s cause. In Zimbabwe, Emerson has been accused of treason by Catholic priests who have condemned abuses by the Manangagua government.

Much of the world changed when China imprisoned Ren Zheqiang, a well-known Communist Party critic who ridiculed Emperor Xi Jinping as a “clown.” What more can we expect from the dictatorship that continues through the galaxy and mass surveillance?

But when democratic parties behave in this way, the alarm goes off. The same is true of India now. his Right-wing populist prime minister, Narendra Modi, An oppressive, Hindu Maisam power has been erected vertically, where secular traditions, once joined by Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, were once proudly erected.

Like Russia, Turkey, Iran and Zimbabwe, India has elected leaders, a representative parliament, independent judges and a legitimate constitution. And like them, it quickly gets a deceptive face. Under Modi, “the world’s largest democracy” has become the eastern home of the cards, dominated by Hindu nationalist knives and jokers.

Discussing Modi’s overwhelming election victory last year, Indian writer Pankaj Mishra said it would be a guru who insists on the beginning of his humility. Seduced India with jealousy and hatred, Exploiting inequality, discrimination and grievances against the elite in the style of demogos around the world. Mishra wrote that Modi’s method was to publicize the horrified and angry population with the sacrifices of minorities, refugees, leftists, liberals and others while intensifying the predatory forms of capitalism; Is clearly licensed to hate. And Indian Muslims to their ‘enemy of the country’ Indians

The latest revelation of racial and religious supremacy over Modi’s intolerance came last week in an attempt by his government to silence a prominent “dissident” – Amnesty International, a global pro-global group that Has made a habit of speaking the truth bravely.

Amnesty came into being in 1961 after writing in a so-called article by an English lawyer, Peter Benson. Observer, Forgotten Prisoners, peacefully express their views on the plight of people in prisons around the world. The group has since helped release thousands of “prisoners of conscience.”

Amnesty announced last week that in the wake of an investigation into alleged financial mismanagement – the government had arbitrarily frozen its bank accounts, forcing it to suspend operations in India. In fact, the move was a crude attempt by Muslims and other minorities to stop Amnesty’s reporting on the growing human rights violations since Modi came to power in 2014. Independent civil rights groups, journalists, activists and lawyers.

If Modi hopes to quell Amnesty India’s criticism, he will be disappointed. In contrast, the shutdown is likely to increase international scrutiny of military misgovernance. Let’s start with Kashmir.

Last year, Modi imposed direct rule on the state in a constitutional coup. Incoming tight lock, In detail by Amnesty, After spreading the Covid 19, it was picked up, then re-introduced. The Indian Army has 1.5 million troops in Kashmir, thousands of arbitrary detentions continue amidst violence, restrictions on the Internet and media, and restrictions on access, ensuring that the majority Muslim population remains largely isolated.

The economic growth and new investment that Modi promised has not been fulfilled. “Normal” is not returned. Meanwhile, a formally approved Hindu resettlement program is underway. Accusing colonialism. It is claimed that Kashmir is the “new Palestine”.

A terrible Amnesty report Even more attention is paid to the “numerous human rights violations” and provocative hate speeches made by the police by Modi’s political allies before and during the communal riots in Delhi in February. ۔

Dozens of Muslims were killed in the riots. And yet, six months later, Amnesty said, “there has not been a single inquiry into the role of the Delhi Police.” He condemned “continued state-sponsored stability.”

Amnesty also has a daily focus Violence, harassment and discrimination against women and girls. In India, one rape is reported every 15 minutes. Deadly gang-rape of two young Dalit women in Uttar Pradesh sparked protests across the country last week.

In 2018, Modi – who had previously been accused of abuse – mapped out a “women first” national strategy. But like many of its grandparents, it is no money much more

there Some progress has been made, Such as rural electricity and banking expansion, and cooking gas and toilet construction schemes. But Modi’s rule has not brought the rapid development, national security and better global status that India promised six years ago.

Unemployment soared after being elected. Its 2016 currency reforms were devastating, as has its role in tackling epidemics. And there’s been armed recently Clashes with Pakistan and China, On both occasions, India is the worst. Surprisingly, Modi is sending tanks to the Himalayas. This can be a difficult battle.

Internationally, India works to push itself under its weight. For the West, as a seemingly like-minded ally, its current leadership is a great disappointment.

Donald Trump may approve of “powerful” Modi’s divisive “new India” rhetoric and hatred of civil rights. Which Biden will not do. Commonwealth, Biden’s Indian-American running mat Extremely critical of Kashmir. Many in Europe have not forgotten his ill-fated record as Gujarat’s chief minister.

The way things are going, it is not certain whether India, once a perfect role model for the post-colonial developing world, can still be considered a democratic democracy. It’s getting cold. That’s hard. This is Modi.


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