Apple can launch its own Google-like search engine

Apple can launch its own Google-like search engine

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Apple Can take in the end Google Start and launch your own search engine. If media reports are to be believed, then an important deal between Apple and Google is about to end. According to the deal, Google pays billions of dollars each year to Apple to become the default search engine Safari. Very few people actually know how much Apple earns from this deal.
For reference, it should be the default search engine on Safari Internet browsers on iPhones for the UK region costing at least $ 1.5 billion each year. This information was revealed by the Competition and Markets Authority of the UK Government.
Now, the problem with the deal is that the fee Google pays Apple for the default position “creates a significant barrier to entry and expansion” for Google’s competitors. Not to forget, Google is just another search engine option for Safari users. Yahoo, Bing and DuckDagoo as well. But very few iPhone users go to the Settings menu of their iPhones and think about changing Safari’s search engine. That’s why Google pays billions to Apple to live happily: to keep Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo out of the iPhone race. And that’s why regulators are unhappy with this Google-Apple deal.
If the UK government forces Apple and Google to get rid of this monopoly agreement, there will be ripple effects in other regions of the world as well. And that’s why Apple might think that this might be a good time to launch its own search engine. Not to forget, Apple is now the world’s most valuable technology company, and having its own search engine may not be a big deal for it.
According to a report by Coywolf, Apple is actually investing and hiring people for the same. The report also stated that Apple has begun to completely bypass Google to show direct results within the Spotlight search. Apple has also released major updates to Applebot about including things relevant to SEO and webmaster.


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