Apple to open its first online store in India next month: report

Apple to open its first online store in India next month: report

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Apple It will reportedly announce its first exclusive online store in India next month. According to a report by Bloomberg news, This exclusive online store will start selling Apple products by Diwali. Apple currently sells Iphone, Mac and other accessories online through Amazon and Flipkart. The company will also continue selling its products through its existing partners.
Reuters has stated in its report that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Earlier this year it was said that Apple would open its first Indian retail store in 2021. While the first physical store is expected to arrive in Mumbai, Apple is reportedly set to launch another in Bengaluru.
Earlier in an interview, Cook said the company received special approval because the Indian government wanted Apple to work with a local partner. “We will not be very good partners in retail. We like to do things in our own way, ”Cook said. He had also previously confirmed that Apple would set up its online store in 2020.
Reports claimed that Apple had plans to launch its own online store earlier this year but had to delay its plans due to COVID-19.
Meanwhile, the company is going to make iPhone 11, its most popular new iPhone in the country. Apple is building its flagship iPhone 11 Foxconn Plant near Chennai. This is the first time that Apple is making a top-of-the-line iPhone in India.
Talking about retail stores, Apple is gearing up to launch its third store in Singapore. The upcoming store, known as Apple Marina Bay Sands, will be on the coast of Singapore near Marina Bay Sands. The store looks unique and at a glance looks like a giant ball floating on the water. It is the first Apple store with a circular design and is placed on the water, making it look like it is floating.


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