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Apple’s latest iPhone update worried ‘Some Instagram users have been worried

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Apple iPhone Users Those trying for the latest iOS version – iOS 14 beta – got a privacy scare when they found out Instagram Was secretly using the camera in the background. Some Instagram users reported that iOS 14 alerted with the indicator Camera On ‘indicator that the moment they opened the Instagram app and scrolled through the stories without recording anything without using the app. Users were quick to call this unusual behavior of Instagram on social media. Popular apps like Instagram are secretly accessing the camera in the background, certainly a privacy scare, reminding users about TicketTalk, Reddit, LinkedIn and other apps Clipboard material.

Instagram was quick to respond and blamed the issue on a bug. In a statement The ledge, It said, “When you tell us that we only use your camera – for example, when you swipe from the feed to the camera. We found that iOS 14 is fixing a bug in the beta that is a mistake. Se indicates that some people are not using the camera when they do not. “We do not access your camera in those cases, and no content has been recorded.”
Apple iOS 14 provides better privacy for users. This has become an embarrassment for big names in the app industry as it continues to uncover apps that secretly access universal clipboards. Tiktok first made headlines as it was caught reaching a user’s clipboard in the background for no reason. But soon iOS 14 helped developers and beta testers catch many apps doing the same thing.
It turns out that TikTok was just another popular app on the list of 50 other big names that secretly accesses the universal clipboard of iOS users. Big names include LinkedIn, Reddit, Call of Duty Mobile, AcuWeather, AliExpress, Google News, etc.
Most popular apps have already fixed the problem only after being pointed out by developers using iOS 14, while other applications are still in the process of fixing the problems.
For those unaware, Apple has long been offering a universal clipboard that helps users copy and paste content into Apple devices. But with iOS 14, Apple has made a major change. Whenever an app accesses the Universal Clipboard, it has started notifying users. This is how popular apps are being called by iOS14 beta users.


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