Applying a piece of art! – More lifestyle city food

Applying a piece of art! – More lifestyle city food

Toast raising has given a new meaning to the new normal, where many food artists have truly raised the bar of creativity and brought forth some amazing-looking, delectable bread toasts. Reflecting the exuberance, positivity and cheerfulness in these gloomy times of Kovid-19, it is suitable for connoisseurs of both food and art.

For Japanese artist Manami Sasaki, food art is the gateway to a sensory journey in their everyday lives. She is known to Picasso and Mondrian through slices of bread, she says, “I eat bread every day since I was born, so expressing it on toast was a natural progression.” I wanted to get up early in the morning and create a routine that would make me wait for the day. When I started toast art for breakfast. “

Not only do these pieces look attractive, but they are also delicious, thanks to a range of exotic ingredients used in their preparation. “I believe that food is first and foremost important. My toast art is not artificially colored and I do not unnecessarily process solids into a paste. I try to make a delicious combination using several ingredients such as blueberries, sesame cream, sour cream, and chilil, and probably just top it off with drops of honey. The reason for this is that I do not want to destroy the beautiful color, shape and taste of the material.

No wonder, from presidential candidates and celebrities to film franchise favorites, examples of toast art vary from small to grand.

Netherlands-based food artist, Susan Bellator, says, “Everybody loves food, and it is great to make something beautiful out of it. And yes, the eye eats first! So if something looks beautiful, people want to eat it More interesting, and it’s even more fun. “

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Back home in India, Baker Sumod creates some attractive, patterned motifs on toast using tom, spinach, beetroot, pumpkin, blueberries, oranges, cocoa and potatoes. “Along with enriching the bread with the natural goodness of healthy vegetables and fruits and enhancing its nutritional value, toast art also allows it to be topped with a gourmet look. It is an ideal veggie option for the new generation of fussy eaters who do not like vegetables in their diet. “

For Sumod, toast art and its possibilities are just endless. He adds, “A simple meal has been transformed into a classic edible art piece, and with the best natural ingredients, there is no added color, chemicals or enhancers, so who wouldn’t like it?”

Readers, you can now pull a piece of bread from the toaster and place it on your favorite toppings. Toast art is definitely reinforcing our most important morning meal.

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