Archive, October 21, 1943: Famine in Bengal World news

Delhi, October 20
The rapidly rising death toll in Calcutta is a sign of Bengal’s woes, with 2,154 deaths last week from 1,927 last week.

Outside of Calcutta, the situation is dire, although data like small centers are not available Gopal Ganj, Which recorded 220 deaths from hunger and more than 150 deaths from cholera in the first half of October.

All district centers in Bengal report large numbers of homeless and starving people from rural areas in search of food, causing difficult sanitation problems as they are crowded under trees and along roadsides. Are ready for victims. Hospital accommodation, which has never been adequate, is now proving to be inadequate due to the spread of cholera and typhoid in many districts. Hot kitchens have been closed in several centers due to food shortages and rice prices have risen further.

It is inevitable that failure Lord Lin LethoEstimating the government’s food shortages and formulating a proper distribution policy should go a long way in reviewing the outgoing viceroy’s administration. The “statesman” who backed his action against the Congress last year pointed to the “surprising contradiction” of a man with close knowledge of Indian agriculture that he was not prepared to deal with the man-made famine in Bengal. Is. The “Statesman” has also been criticized for Lord Lynth Gao’s mistake in visiting the famine zone.

The Hindustan Times, which reflects the views of nationalists, calls the famine “the culmination of many wrong, political and economic catastrophes” for which their policy is directly responsible. Under his rule, Lord Lin Lethgo, who began with many popular friendships and goodwill, stood for the concentration of power in the hands of bureaucrats.

Expressing sympathy with Lord Wavell for the painful legacy left behind by his predecessor, the newspaper appealed to the new viceroy not to stick to his predecessor’s policy.


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