Around 25,000 refugees flee to Sudan as conflict in Ethiopia – World news

Around 25,000 refugees flee to Sudan as conflict in Ethiopia – World news

The United Nations (UN) said that the conflict has entered neighboring Sudan, with about 25,000 fleeing into the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

“The number of Ethiopian refugees in Gadarf and Kasla states has risen to 24,944 since Saturday,” the agency said.

Sudan’s Commissioner for Refugees Abdullah Suleiman visited the border region on Saturday to discuss the influx in Sudan Jan Hansman with an assistant representative of the United Nations Refugee Agency.

Hansman, quoted by SUNA, said that providing refugees with refugees, food and water and then relocating them to areas away from the border “for security reasons” was a priority for the United Nations High Commissioner (UNHCR).

He said that the United Nations Refugee Agency was working to establish new camps in Sudan for Ethiopians.

Sudan has already said that it will give asylum to thousands of Ethiopians who fled the conflict at the Um Raqqa camp, which hosted a famine of thousands of Ethiopians in the 1980s.

In the past week, the decimated refugees had crossed the border into Sudan after walking for two days amid the sweltering heat, many of which were barefoot.

Some arrived on scooters and others on bicycles, while others boarded boats to cross a river in Sudan to flee the intense fighting at home.

Suleman called for contact with the international community for assistance for the refugees.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abi Ahmad announced on 4 November that he had ordered military operations in Tigre in a dramatic extension of a long-running feud with the Tigre People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the region’s ruling party.

The UNHCR said the number of refugees is expected to increase if the conflict in neighboring Ethiopia worsens.

The leader of the Tigre region claimed responsibility for the rocket attacks at the airport in neighboring Eritrea’s capital on Sunday, raising fears that the conflict may be widespread.

A source in the Sudanese government said that up to 200,000 Ethiopians could take refuge in Sudan.


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