As soon as the US tolls near 100,000 (China’s

As soon as the US tolls near 100,000 (China’s

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Washington: Deaths from the coronavirus epidemic in the United States are likely to last more than 100,000 on Tuesday, even as President Donald Trump congratulated himself for his “brilliant review on our handling of the Kovid-19”. The crisis and growing tensions with China amid a bitter partisan political battle over his administration’s approach.
The US president has literally recommended shutting down manuals and social disturbances by epidemics and health care experts, and is now aggressively pushing for the reopening of the country, claiming that he has given the epidemic And have controlled infections and mortality is falling. He also called the pathogen “China virus”.
“If I did not do my job well, or started early, for all the political hacks, we would lose 1 to 2 million people, against 1 million people over 100,000, which seems to be the number. 15 to 20 times more than we will lose. I stopped entering China long ago! “Trump said on Tuesday. Epidemic deaths in the US stood at 99,950, such as Tuesday afternoon and are expected to cross 100,000 a day despite a slowdown in infections and deaths.
“One person lost to this invisible virus, it is too much, it should have been stopped in its source, China, but I acted very quickly, and made the right decision. Many of the current political complainers thought, at the time, that I was moving fast like Crazy Nancy! “Trump said, stating that the epidemic has turned into a viral political and geo-strategic scrap involving Republican presidents, opposition Democrats and China.
Trump is pressuring the Acolyte President to take more aggressive action on China, including a ban on US debt and a ban on China and travel restrictions.
“We are not on the verge of war. We are at war!” Trump’s former adviser Steve Bannon, who still has the president’s ear, said in an interview to ThevarChina website, “When people see this (China’s predatory behavior ) To understand the entire nature, whether it is in Italy, France, South Africa, India. Or the United States, people are going to demand retaliation. ”
Trump has begun to pay attention. After praising Beijing More than two dozen times between January and March, as the coronovirus was spreading far and wide, it dramatically provoked China to make enemies, as well as adding Democrats as its ally.
“In 50 years no one in China is more sleepy than Joe Biden. He was asleep on the wheel. He gave them every opportunity that they could, including the rag-ravaged trade deals. I’m getting it all back! “Trump tweeted on Tuesday, even as Republican factions launched $ 10 million worth of attack ads in the battlegrounds of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania against” Beijing Biden, “former vice president of Trump in the November presidential election In an attempt to portray the rival. Equally soft on China.
In return, Democrats attacked Trump repeatedly for praising China and for his sweet talk with his leader Xi Jinping, his attack ad showing how the US president “rolled over for the Chinese” and “in America.” Let in 40,000 from China ”.
Eager to demonstrate his nationalist credibility, Trump’s loyalists have, among other things, imposed a punitive law seeking punitive property, sanctions and travel restrictions, and a reinstatement from China for the loss of COVID-19. Provoked large numbers.
The nearly 100,000 people who lost to Covid-19 are less than 1/20 of the 4634 dead declared by China, where the virus is widely believed to have originated. Republican hawk now considers the epidemic a virtual act of war by China, and is pressuring Trump for revenge.
“They are for world domination … understand you have an enemy. He is an adversary. It’s called Communist China, “Florida Senator Rick Scott said in a radio interview, following Banon’s recommendation to Trump” as hard core as possible against Beijing.


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