Ashwin put on new hat Cricket news

Ashwin put on new hat Cricket news

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R Ashwin (TOI photo)

CHENNAI: Star of Spinner R Ashwin I have been one of the best bowlers International cricket And over the years, he has grown in stature thanks to his sharp cricketing skills. One of Team indiaThe best player, Ashwin has used his skills to win many wins in India and abroad.
Ashwin is now ready to use that cricket intelligence combined with his intelligence and humor. Cricket Fans of the region as soon as he debuts as a quiz master and hosts the show ‘Etthuku voiceThe ‘
The show starts at 1 pm on August 9 and is considered a treat for sports lovers. Tamil Nadu.
Ashwin is excited for a new role.
“I have always been a huge fan of quizzes and it is even more exciting to know Tamil Nadu fans and their love for cricket. Hosting cricket quizzes on Star Sports 1 Tamil is not only about connecting with my fans and cricket fans It is a great opportunity. Normal, but also to see how passionate the youth are today. I am also giving great feedback on my personal capacity on social media. It is a big platform that reaches a large audience and this Also important is the first cricket quiz in it. Tamil. I have only one thing to say to all the contestants – Attathuku Readya (Are you ready to play?). ”


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