Asymptomatic children have lower coronavirus levels compared with symptoms, the study found – Health

Asymptomatic children have lower coronavirus levels compared with symptoms, the study found – Health

Analysis of more than 800 pediatric cases of novel coronovirus infections has shown that most asymptomatic children have significantly lower virus levels than those who experience symptoms, findings that lower the sensitivity of the pediatric population to clinical investigation Cause concern about the use of tests.

However, the study published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology cautioned that the reason for this discovery is unclear, while also explaining how low viral load affects the risk of Kovid-19 transmission.

“While these findings give some reassurance to children attending school about the safety of asymptotically infected children, these unanswered questions suggest that days, schools, and the community have been reduced to reduce the prevalence of Coker-19 Risk mitigation measures are important, ”said Larry Kosciolek, the study’s first author, Ann & Robert H. in the US. A pediatric infectious disease specialist at Lurie Children’s Hospital.

“Children should wear masks, maintain social distance and wash their hands frequently,” Kochiolek said.

According to scientists, it is still difficult to predict which children are more or less likely to have the virus.

“Because we tested in every age group, there were some high weight viral children. However, even in our study, the group of asymptomatic children with the highest viral load still had lower viral loads than those with symptomatic children, ”Kosciolek said.

In the study, scientists assessed 339 asymptomatic and 478 symptomatic children (ages 0–17 years) who were tested positive for Kovid-19 using PCR tests at nine children’s hospitals in the US and Canada Were staying.

Analysis showed that asymptomatic children with diabetes and / or recent contact with the Kovid-19 case, as well as those tested for surveillance purposes, had a higher perceived risk of viral burden. According to scientists, it has been found that the timing of infection affects the viral load in asymptomatic children studied relative to clinical trials.

However, they also noted that in the asymptomatic surveillance sub-cohort with the highest viral load, the average levels of virus were still significantly lower than in the symptomatic cohort.

“We now need to know what are the peak viral loads in children asymptomatic with Kovid-19 – whether the time of testing missed the peak in many asymptomatic children in this study, or whether the odd children actually had a lower peak Have viral loads compared to symptomatic children? ”Said senior author Neera Pollock, Associate Medical Director of Clinical Medicine for Infectious Diseases at Boston Children’s Hospital in the US.

Researchers also reported that the levels of virus found in asymptomatic children were mostly lower than those found by available rapid antigen tests.

“It is important to recognize that rapid antigen tests are less sensitive than PCR tests used in hospitals, and the use of rapid tests based on our understanding of the extent to which many heterosexual children are likely to be studied. Would have tested negative. Those tests, “said Polak.

Based on the findings, the researchers cautioned about using low sensitivity tests for asymmetric screening programs in the pediatric population.

Polak said, “Overall, we want to encourage more studies to better understand viral load in asymptomatic children.

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