Australian News Live: Morrison Govt considers aid to India for coveted crisis and fewer flights

Well, obviously the situation in India is catastrophic. Hundreds of thousands of new cases, many deaths every day. I mean, it’s just a terrible situation.

So, you’re fine. The National Security Committee will meet today. It was announced yesterday. It was, in fact, an unprecedented move by the Prime Minister to raise the flag that the committee would meet today. There will be a lot of issues that have been discussed.

As you may be aware, we have already made changes to Australian flights. We took immediate action last week to reduce the number of flights to and from India I am sure there will be a lot of discussion today about what action may be needed for the next course of action.

I am going to listen to health advice because during this epidemic, the federal government has made it very clear that we will take the advice that health professionals give us. So, I think we need to hear it clearly.

We also need to look at issues such as humanitarian assistance to India. There has already been some discussion about ventilators and oxygen and how we can be able to help India. and of course. Here are the issues for travelers to return to Australia and how we can best manage it.


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