Australians who can afford commercial flights from India face less stringent test of covid

Australians returning home from India on commercial flights – which are currently selling for more than ڈالر 10,000 one-way – will not be officially scrutinized before a flight on repatriation flights.

As a new line has been drawn between the alliance and Labor over the handling of government-aided flights outside India, Guardian Australia has confirmed that those who can afford commercial flights can leave the country with one of the two code tests. Permission is required. Supported repatriation for vulnerable Australians.

The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, said last month despite the announcement that “on all future flights, passengers will be required to report both the result of a negative Covide 19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test and a rapid antigen test before taking off.” Will have a negative impact. “

Following the lifting of the travel ban from the virus-infected country on Saturday, the government has started repatriation flights for the 9,000 Australian Indians stranded in the country who have registered with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. ۔ About 900 of them are considered unsafe and are being preferred for return.

On Saturday, 80 of the 150 people sold on the first return flight were able to board, after 40 people who had already experienced the flight were barred from returning, as well as those close to them. Among the contacts were 30 people. At the Howard Springs facility in the northern region, 80 returnees are now in prison.

ABC later revealed That at least three Australians who were stopped due to positive tests later had a negative experience, led to criticism that prevented passengers from returning illegally and raised doubts about the testing government. Has gone

Morrison said the government was working with Qantas on “rigorous” testing of the government, but indicated that the process was being run in a “difficult environment” by the airline rather than the government.

With the lifting of the travel ban, indirect commercial flights from India are also seen resuming. Qatar Airways is currently selling one-way tickets to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth from various Indian ports. The average ticket price is around 10,000. One way fare

Several passengers on the first commercial flights out of the country have reported through community Facebook groups that there was no need to travel for rapid antigen testing. Passengers used to relocate to Doha before the Australian flight.

The Doha route was used by Australian cricketers to return home last month, sparking a controversial commitment under the Biosecurity Act to punish offenders traveling to Australia with five years in prison and heavy fines in India. Was to prove guilt.

In April, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the double-testing government needed to ensure that the government kept a lid on infection rates in hotel quarantine systems, which had a number of positive infections within its limits. Was extended to Travelers returning from India

Passengers returning on commercial flights will be accommodated in the state and region hotel quarantine system, while those returning on return flights will stay at Howard Springs.

The next government-sponsored flight is expected to arrive in Darwin on May 23, with 40 such flights starting from March 2020.

Following the failure of the probe, Labor leader Anthony Albany accused Morrison of “relinquishing responsibility” to Qantas, and expected the government to fail to establish an expanded federal quarantine system. Which will have the ability to manage code infections.

“In this case, it has delegated the responsibility of secession to the states, although, clearly, according to the constitution, it is the responsibility of the federal government,” Albanese said.

He said that, although, in relation to the people stranded in India, he was now accusing Kantas that the people had been taken off a flight he had hoped to reach home, but a false test. Because they are still trapped. India with all the health risks that it brings with it.

“Scott Morrison needs to take responsibility for something.”

Health Minister Greg Hunt has accused Albanians of trying to bring code issues to Australia.

“Before we allowed people to go to Australia, we identified a number of positive things, that’s what we should do,” Hunt said.

He said what the process did was prevent it from coming to Australia. If Mr Albanese wants to take a dangerous and irresponsible position and encourage large-scale imports of positive cowardice cases into Australia, he must be very clear with the Australian public.

As pressure mounts on the government to ease travel restrictions and boost the country’s capacity, Morrison on Monday also backed Victorian’s proposal for a 500-bed cabin-style facility north of Melbourne. , And also expressed support for a separate project to use the facilities. NT who are currently housed in the US Marines.

However, he rejected plans to set up a privately owned quarantine camp near Tomomba, owned by the Wagner family, saying the federal government had never received a proposal.


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