Badin farmers vow to continue resisting water crisis

Badin farmers vow to continue resisting water crisis

Badin: Farmers and cultivators of the district have launched a decisive movement against the sudden water crisis and the reluctance of the officials to strengthen the broken and weak dirt of the district’s drains and irrigation canals. At the request of the Save Badin Action Committee, the farmers staged rallies and demonstrations in different cities of the district to register their protest against the severe shortage of water in their canals and minors.

Protesting farmers’ leaders said conditions in their own areas had been deteriorating over the past several months due to a lack of water supply in their irrigation canals and distributors. He demanded the Sindh government to take notice of his plight, otherwise he would extend the scope of peaceful protests to his cities and other major cities in the province.

He also reiterated his demand to stop the ban on rice cultivation in Badin and some other districts of southern Sindh and made it clear that he would never accept such orders from the Sindh government, which he said. They want to snatch dirt from their mouths

Mir Noor Ahmad Talpur, Azizullah Dero, Khalil Ahmed Bhagari, Syed Khuda Dino Shah, Amir Azad Panhwar, Abdul Ghafoor Chandio and other leaders of the Sewer Badin Action Committee expressed their frustration in their separate press statements that the entire region was flooded. There is a severe shortage. Circumstances had created such a mess for the farming community that they have been forced to take to the streets because they have not received any relief from the authorities. The leaders said that after receiving poor response from the officials of the concerned departments, they were mobilizing the farmers and cultivators of Badin and other districts to register their protest in Hyderabad in the first week of June as effectively as possible. Start the long march towards. . He said that depriving the farmers and cultivators of the district of proper distribution of their water was the culmination of injustice. He further said that he had directed to extend the scope of his protest in every town of the district. The action committee leaders said they would strongly oppose any move by the Sindh government to ban rice cultivation in Badin district. He said that permanent shortage of water has broken the backs of farmers in Badin and other districts of Lower Sindh. .[RivethefarmersandgrowersofthedistrictoftheirdueshareofwateraddingtheywarnedtowidenthescopeoftheirprotestineachandeverytownofthedistrictTheleadersoftheactioncommitteesaidthattheywouldofferstiffresistancetoanymovebytheSindhgovernmenttobanricecultivationinBadindistrictaddingtheysaidthatpersistentwatershortagehadalreadybrokenthebackofthefarmersofBadinandotherdistrictsoflowerSindh[rivethefarmersandgrowersofthedistrictoftheirdueshareofwateraddingtheywarnedtowidenthescopeoftheirprotestineachandeverytownofthedistrictTheleadersoftheactioncommitteesaidthattheywouldofferstiffresistancetoanymovebytheSindhgovernmenttobanricecultivationinBadindistrictaddingtheysaidthatpersistentwatershortagehadalreadybrokenthebackofthefarmersofBadinandotherdistrictsoflowerSindh

He lamented the fact that on the one hand the Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority (SIDA) and the officials of the Irrigation Department have failed to ensure fair and equitable distribution of water among the canals and minors flowing from Kotri Barrage while On the other hand, the same official did not bother to strengthen the drain breaks and weak dykes, including the left bank outfall drain.


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