BCCI trusts ICC to not take cricket news about 2021 T20 World Cup

BCCI trusts ICC to not take cricket news about 2021 T20 World Cup

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NEW DELHI: On paper, after the ICC vs BCCI tax battle, it seems that the ICC Business Corporation (IBC) refused to give extensions to the Indian board to find a tax solution. The ICC has indeed threatened that they can pull off the 2021 T20 World Cup if the board fails to provide an exemption. But BCCI officials believe that prudent ICC directors will not take any action that would harm the game.

Talking to IANS, a BCCI official said that the Indian board has full faith in the directors of the international body and believes that they will not move the global event away from India.

“It is not the ICC, but there are some vested interests that come up with this story from time to time. Most ICC directors are prudent and practical and will not allow these vested interests to lead the ICC on the road to Harkiri . ” “I assure you that the BCCI will still laugh when the pieces fall, but the ICC will be worse to wear,” the official said.

“It is time for the ICC to move away from those who only bring disputes with the BCCI to the table and nothing else in terms of contribution. It would be unacceptable for anyone to be caught by such people.”

Earlier, about the developments, a BCCI official said that it is sad that at a time when the world is fighting the coronavirus epidemic, such emails have come and attempts are being made to pressure the Indian board.

“I fail to understand how this is happening at the moment when everyone is in the grip of an epidemic. This is a complete and total failure of the ICC leadership and is a clear indication that change is imminent,” the official said.

The BCCI was required to throw light on the issue of tax exemption 18 months before the 2021 T20 World Cup, meaning the deadline was April. But the coronavirus outbreak in the world has led to a lockdown and the Indian board has sought time till June 30 or until the lockdown opens a month later.

Another official said that the full turn of events was a surprise to say the least, especially how the ICC said the IBC refused to agree to the detail.

“Interestingly, his lawyer Jonathan Hall has written that the IBC has rejected BCCI’s request. Now the question is how did it happen without looking at the actual board and voting against it?” He inquired.

In fact, after the ICC CEC meeting in April, one of the officials had talked about the clarity shown by BCCI Secretary Jay Shah and that World Cricket has got the Indian Board to join hands with England and Wales Cricket Board and member boards. Need to help was economic disturbances due to suspension of all cricket activities due to coronovirus epidemic.


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