Bilawal assured the organizers of the support march for women’s rights by the government march

Bilawal assured the organizers of the support march for women’s rights by the government march

Via Twitter / Pakistan Peoples Party / The News

KARACHI: The organizers of the Pakistan Wide Women’s March rally, held every year on the occasion of International Women’s Day, have the full support of the PPP-led Sindh government for women’s rights, the party chief assured them on Wednesday.

PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari called on a delegation of Karachi organizers on Wednesday to discuss the post-rally concerns as well as to shed light on “security concerns due to a false propaganda”. Demanded Against them. “

The March delegation’s visit comes against the backdrop of hatred, threats of violence, and intimidation of women, members of the military and non-Muslims who protested against the atrocities earlier this month.

Bilawal praised the organizers of the march for highlighting the plight of Pakistani women but expressed concern and regret over the “misuse of blasphemy laws” to target them.

Women’s “strong voices” during Orat March 2021 “shook those who hurt their abilities”, she said after a briefing on Orat March’s security concerns and other issues in the wake of false propaganda and documentary videos. ۔

The PPP boss added, “The misuse of blasphemy laws to target female markers is regrettable.”

Highlighting how important the role of women is in all national spheres of life, she explained that she was happy that the organizers of Urat March 2021 had “highlighted the frustrations and worries of Pakistani women”.

Representatives of the transgender community and non-binary people were also present at the meeting and they briefed the PPP chair on the issues faced by both on a daily basis and as a result of the meeting.

The party said on Twitter, “The organizers of the Women’s March thanked Bilawal and the PPP for their continued support for women’s rights,” adding that they listened to their demands and supported their cause. He assured the continuous support of the Sindh government.

The 32-year-old politician, a young voice of one of Pakistan’s oldest lawmakers, also mentioned the brave role of his mother, the late Benazir Bhutto, when organizers of the Women’s March were told of the constant threats she received.

Photos and videos posted on social media by unknown individuals immediately after March 2021 – Women’s March – were held in various cities in Pakistan, causing controversy because, according to organizers, the inclusion of these subheadings Was modified which was misinterpreted in the wrong words. Which is echoing year after year.

The organizers added that “some words, such as” found “and” Oriya “in reference to the columnist, were doctored and twisted into other words that completely changed the content.

As part of denouncing Pakistani activists as misinformed, the documentary videos and photos sparked outrage on social media, especially in the federal capital Islamabad, demanding legal action against the organizers of the Orat March. Rallies were held for

The organizers of the Orat March shared the original video clip from the rally, which used the right words and provided the right subtitles.

The misinformation campaign was so unsuccessful that the organizers of the Orat March had to participate Reminder “Documentary videos are still available online and no action has been taken.”

Shahzeb Khanzada, an expert political analyst and host of the Geo News talk show, had earlier explained in detail why the Orat March was important for Pakistan and presented facts in the light of false propaganda against the Women’s Day rally. Done


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