Bilawal laughed at Prime Minister Imran’s claims of economic growth

Bilawal laughed at Prime Minister Imran’s claims of economic growth

On Thursday, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari once again slammed Prime Minister Imran Khan over his government’s ‘poor’ economic policies, saying inflation had put the poor under the government’s nose. Has claimed the lives of those who have been claimed. 24 News HD TV Channel reported.

In a statement, he accused Prime Minister Imran of allowing foreign powers and moneylenders to decide the fate of Pakistan’s economy. He said the “elected” prime minister had “darkened” the future of genocide by taking out one loan after another, adding that “loans taken on strict terms to run the economy would not benefit future governments.” There will be difficulties for that too. “

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He lamented that the Prime Minister had tarnished the image of the country by taking the country into the hands of beggars.

“Now that the country’s economic decisions are in the hands of these interest groups and organizations,” he alleged.

Bilawal said that this year alone, the “elected” prime minister had borrowed 10 10 billion from other countries and foreign banks. 35% more than the loans taken in the previous year.

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The PPP chairman said, “Since Imran Khan became the country’s prime minister, foreign debt has increased from 95 95 billion to 11 116 billion,” and expressed concern that if Imran borrowed at the current pace. If it continues, this country will have to pay a heavy price in the future.

He advised Prime Minister Imran Khan to first ask the common man what kind of suffering he was going through in these times of inflation.

New Water Accord

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari stressed the importance of a new agreement based on fair and equitable distribution of irrigation water. He demanded a new formula for distribution of water in Sindh based on justice and equality.

Addressing a press conference in Badin, he accused the Center of continuing to discriminate against Sindh over water distribution. He said that incoming and previous federal governments were doing injustice by depriving the lower class residents of their share of water.

He said that the Water Accord of 1991 was strongly opposed by the PPP at that time, but now the agreement is not being implemented due to which the people of Sindh are being treated unfairly again and again. He called the 1991 water agreement “unusable in the long run.” “We should implement the agreement in the short and medium term, but our goal should be to create a new consensus for the distribution of water in the country on the basis of equality and justice,” he said.

Bilawal argued that Water Accord was formed in 1991 by the then “elected” government at the center.

He said that the fake, illegal and illegal agreement was implemented in the lower region, adding that the coastal districts were facing maritime interference, which included lack of irrigation and drinking water as well as fertile land. There is also damage. He said that the people were well aware of the water crisis in the country and how India had deprived India of its three rivers.

He said that the people of Thatta, Sujawal and Badin are witnesses to this fact. He added that they do not have irrigation water for crops and not even drinking water.

Bilawal added that even if the Sindh representative spoke at a meeting of the Indus River System Authority (IRSA), he was attacked. When we talk about the rights of Sindh and Balochistan, the federation is campaigning against us.

He said that the PPP government was using all its resources to protect the water through the canal lining and was taking action against theft.


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