Blood tests can predict the likelihood of developing those mental disorders: study

Blood tests can predict the likelihood of developing those mental disorders: study

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Washington: Testing the levels of some proteins in blood samples can predict whether a person is at risk of psychosis or is likely to develop a psychiatric disorder, which would suggest the conclusion of a novel study. The study, published in the current edition of JAMA Psychiatry, was led by researchers in the medical and health sciences of RCSI University.
Based on certain criteria, such as mild or brief mental symptoms, some people are considered to be psychologically at higher risk of developing a mental disorder such as psychophrenia. However, only 20 percent to 30 percent of these people will actually go on to develop a mental disorder.
Researchers analyzed blood samples taken from people at clinical high risk of psychosis. These individuals were followed for years to see who developed and did not develop a mental disorder.
After assessing proteins in blood samples and using machine learning to analyze this data, scientists were able to find patterns of proteins in early blood samples that could predict who might have a mental disorder at follow-up. Did not develop.
Many of these proteins are involved in inflammation, suggesting that people who develop immune disorders have early changes in the immune system. The findings also suggest that it is possible to predict their results using blood samples taken many years ago.
The most accurate test was based on the 10 most predicted proteins. It correctly identifies those who go on to develop a mental disorder in 93 percent of high-risk cases, and it correctly identifies those who will not in 80 percent of cases.
The study’s senior and corresponding author and professor of molecular psychiatry at RCSI, Professor David Couture, said, “Ideally, we want to prevent psychiatric disorders, but need to be able to correctly identify those who are most at risk is.”
“Our research has shown that with the help of machine learning, analysis of protein levels in blood samples can predict who is truly at risk and may possibly benefit from preventive treatments. We should now consider these markers Needs to be studied in others at high risk. Psychosis to confirm these findings, “Couture.
A patent application has been filed, and the research team is working to commercialize this research through licensing or involvement with industry.


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